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More Terror Tales!

Regular Show Terror Tales of the Park II

Jay’s Month of Scares, Day 9- Regular Show, Terror Tales II

We’re back with another round of Regular Show: Terror Tales of the Park! As the Park Gang is headed to a Halloween party, they get lost on the road from Benson’s bad directions. So, they start telling each other scary stories!


In Mordecai’s story, his Uncle Steve passes away after Mordecai gets his tie stuck in that belt thing in bowling alleys. Mordecai’s wracked with guilt, and starts thinking his Uncle’s haunting him from beyond the grave. Turns out he actually is!

This story was a classic guilt-trip turned ghost story, albeit one told in the style of Regular Show. There’s a twist at the end, though: Steve came back from the dead to give Mordecai back $5 he borrowed. While it may seem lame, I thought it was a funny twist ending.

Party Bus

This next story’s told by Margaret over the phone. Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and Margaret try to go to a Halloween movie by taking a bus. As it turns out, they get on a party bus, and the party is killer! As in, the partygoers dance until they die.

I’ve never been on a party bus, but I don’t think I’d want to after this. This story wasn’t among my favorites of the specials, but it did give Mark Hamill a chance to shine. I’d recognize that trademark “Joker laugh” of his anywhere, and he was driving the party bus. Come to think of it, it almost sounds like something Joker would do.

Wallpaper Man

The last story’s told by Benson, who gets fed up with the stories. In this one, he forces Mordecai and Rigby to wallpaper the house, but they can’t due to laziness and lack of instructions. So they hire a wallpaper man to do it; and he wallpapers everything, and everyone. He then turns into a giant spider, because reasons.

To be honest, this was my least favorite story, and that’s mainly because the plot ends up being Benson’s fault. He just orders Mordecai and Rigby to do a job without any training. Rigby even calls Benson out on how dumb they’re portrayed in the story.

Unfortunately, that causes the Park Gang’s ride to crash, and they all turn into ghosts. Don’t worry, it’s non-canon. Happy Halloween 🎃

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