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South Park Actually Banned in China

South Park

Last week’s episode of South Park, “Band in China” saw the show go after two big targets. First and foremost, they took aim at the Chinese government and their oppressive censorship of society. They also called Hollywood out for their increasing dependence on the Chinese market for financial success. And people are taking notice of what the South Park crew had to say.

Earlier this evening, Fox News was talking about how the NBA got itself in hot water. Daryl Morey, manager for the Houston Rockets, tweeted his support for the protests in Hong Kong. So China blocked the Rockets, leading the NBA to apologize. Then the news anchors mentioned last week’s episode and how this seems to prove the creator’s point.

South Park Vs. China

South Park’s managed to incur the ire of the Chinese Government, as well. After “Band in China” aired, the show was reportedly banned in China. In response, the show’s Twitter account posted the following statement earlier today:

Can’t stop laughing.

I won’t lie, I was laughing my butt off when I saw this. It’s classic South Park to give this kind of sarcastic, back-handed ‘apology’. Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and their staff have made it clear they don’t care who they offend. I think they’ve even gotten death threats from some people over their show, and they refuse to back down. I respect them for standing behind their beliefs.

In fact, Matt and Trey are probably thrilled to know that they got their show banned in China. That not only shows they got under the Chinese Government’s skin, but that they hit the nail on the head. I may not have liked the episode as much as I should have , but seeing this makes me smile. South Park has still got it.

Plus, all this publicity is perfect for their 300th episode in Wednesday. They’re going after anti-vaxxers. 😊

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