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Welcome to the Owl House

The Owl House

My Thoughts on Disney’s Upcoming Magical Show

Ever since Gravity Falls came to an end, fans have been searching for the cartoon that could be called its successor. I already said that Amphibia could potentially be the next Gravity Falls, but there’s an upcoming show that could also fit the bill. That show would be The Owl House, and this year’s New York Comic Con gave us our best look at it yet.

I’ve never been one to pass up on good cartoons, and my gut tells me The Owl House will be good. With New York Comic Con over, I’m giving you my thoughts on the show I’m calling a fusion of Gravity Falls and Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

Dana Terrace, Creator of The Owl House

Dana Terrace, the creator of the Owl House

The Owl House is the brainchild of Dana Terrace, who’s got her fair share of experience working with Disney. She was a storyboard artist on Gravity Falls, which ties into the whole “successor” thing I mentioned. After that, she served as a director on the DuckTales! reboot. Since I like both shows and know how awesome they are, I know her creation will live up to the hype.

As another tie-in to Gravity Falls, Dana is also dating the creator of that show, Alex Hirsch. Between the two of them, this will be an amazing cartoon.


The show revolves around Luz, a normal, teenage human girl who accidentally stumbles on a portal into the demon world. There she befriends a rebellious witch named Eda and decides to become her apprentice so she may learn magic herself. This is in spite of the fact that she has no talent for magic, and most of the Demon World’s inhabitants don’t like humans.

According to the Wikipedia page, the show’s a horror-comedy. While our first look does have a hint of the macabre, I’m getting more of a comedy vibe, not that I’m complaining.

The Main Characters

Now then, let’s take a look at our three main characters and what we know about them


Luz, Pint-Sized Wannabe Witch

This is Luz, our heroine and main character, voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles. She’s described as self-assured, normal human girl who gets sucked into the Demon World. Apparently she had a hard time fitting in with other people back home, so while she’s a little scared of her new world, she takes to it quickly.

I don’t know much about Luz right now, but from I’ve seen, I like her. She seems fascinated by her new world and eager to learn as much as she can about it. She also seems knowledgeable on myths, which should serve her well in her new surroundings. Her sense of adventure seems to mirror other recent female Disney protagonists. I don’t know much about her voice-actor, but I think she has potential based on what I’ve seen. I look forward to seeing what kind of trouble she gets in.


Eda, Sassy rebel witch and possible zombie?

This lady is Eda, voiced by Wendie Malick. I thought her voice sounded familiar, and there’s a reason. Turns out, she played Chicha, Pacha’s wife in The Emperor’s New Groove (good times.) Eda’s a rebel and the owner of the titular Owl House. She uses it as a self-described place to hide “from the pressures of modern life. And the cops. And ex-boyfriends.” The wanted poster in her living room indicates she’s not joking about the cops. That’s a lot of zeros.

If I had to sum up in one word, it would be sassy. She’s snarky and sarcastic and seems to have a low tolerance from other people’s crap. She just does what she wants and loves her freedom. According to news from NYCC, she’s the kind of mentor who will shove you into the deep end. Why am I being reminded of Grunkle Stan right now?


It is him, the King of Demons. Who may be related to Bill Cipher!

This is King, voiced by none other than Alex Hirsch. According to the show, he was, in fact, once the King of Demons. After getting trapped inside a diminutive state, he became Eda’s roommate as he finds a way to regain his powers. His newest obstacle may be Luz, who finds him absolutely adorable.

Gravity Falls, Star Vs Fusion

Like Amphibia, which was also created by a Gravity Falls alumni, The Owl House is like a western Isekai. Whereas Amphibia seems to take after Gravity Falls sense of adventure, The Owl House leans heavily on the supernatural side. The fact that it takes place in a world of magic and monsters reminds me a bit of the setting of Star vs. In fact, I bet Janna from Star would feel right at home in this world.


I actually see a lot of Gravity Falls and SvTFOE in the title and end credits. The opening credits, with its lack of dialogue and showing off the characters and setting, reminds me a lot of Gravity Falls.

Then we have the end credits, showing Luz walking through the settings in the demon world back to the Owl House. It reminded me a little bit of the end credits from the first two seasons of Star vs The Forces of Evil, but with an aura of supernatural mystery.

In short, it has some of the best aspects of both shows.

A Show to Be Watching Out For

A new decade is approaching, and The Owl House seems set to ring it in on Disney Channel. With an interesting premise and exceptional people working on it, I think this will be a cartoon to watch out for. In fact, The Owl House and Amphibia could end up becoming the two big cartoons to watch out for on Disney in 2020. The Owl House premieres in January 2020, and i have every intention of writing about it!

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