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‘Terror Tales’ Was the New ‘Treehouse of Horror’

Jay’s Month of Scares, Day 6- Regular Show, Terror Tales of the Park

Last year when I was writing for FANDOM, I tried following up my Nicktoons Halloween post with another one. This time, it would be about Regular Show and their series of Halloween specials, Terror Tales of the Park. They didn’t approve it in time, so I scrapped it. No ones stopping me now, though!

If you haven’t seen “Terror Tales”, it follows the same formula as The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror.” It’s a stand-alone episode that let the cast and writers do some fun short stories. It was a staple of the show until it ended.

Creepy Doll

In the first segment, Pops reunited with his childhood doll, Percy. Mordecai and Rigby try to get him to get rid of the doll, but it keeps coming back. It also wants to draw on people’s faces, so there’s that, too.

I get that this story was supposed to be a PG version of Chucky from the Child’s Play series, but this wasn’t that scary. Which was the point; this was a story that Pops was telling to the Park Gang. No one else thought the story was scary, just weird.

Death Metal Crash Pit

In Muscle Man and Hi-Five’s story, they decide to crash an old RV into the park’s crash pit. Turns out that RV is the resting place of a deceased death metal band. A really terrible death metal band, too!

I almost forgot about this story until I rewatched the episode, and it reminded me of why. The ghost band played the worst music I’ve ever heard. It explains why Muscle Man decides crash the RV into the Crash Pit with him in it. As a side note, this moment also introduced us to the Crash Pit, which plays a big role in Muscle Man and Fives friendship.

In the House

When Rigby’s refused candy on Halloween, he eggs an old wizard’s house. Furious, the wizard vows to make Rigby pay. How does he do it? By turning him into a house and attacking his friends when they try to interfere.

This was my segment on the first Terror Tales special, because it’s equal parts scary as it is absurd. The Park members end up dying gruesome deaths, or about as gruesome as a kids show allows. Then it turns into something absurdly silly when the Wizard’s ultimate payback… is to egg Rigby. I couldn’t help but laugh at how petty it was!

Of course, it helped that the Wizard was voiced by Mark Hamill, and that the episode ends with this jumpscare! Happy Halloween!

This was a good start to a new Halloween tradition: the tradition of the Terror Tales of the Park! I looked forward to seeing it every Halloween, and I still back on it fondly. Happy Halloween!

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