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Curse You, Orochi!

One Piece Chapter 958 Review/Recap

Today’s the big day day for One Piece. The third act of the Wano Arc’s set to begin. Unfortunately, it chooses to start with a whimper. I’m not saying that as an insult, though. I’m saying it because Orochi did something to sabotage the Alliance. Let me explain.


In a flashback, we see Kozuki Oden conversing with the Roger Pirates as he prepares to leave. He’s been summoned to Wano to become Shogun, but vows to open its borders to the world in twenty years time. Thus, Act Three begins.

In the present, Orochi’s men head to Onigashima for the Fire Festival as the Flower Capital celebrates. The festivals the only day when alcohol is legal, so everyone’s partying. Elsewhere, in Tokage Harbor, The Red Scabbards and Momonuske arrive to find nothing.

A fearsome storm has wracked Tokage harbor, and none of their allies are present, not even the Straw Hats. The port shows signs of being attacked, and the group begins to give into despair 😩. As the chapter ends, it’s revealed that Orochi did something to Tokage Harbor the night before the rendezvous.


My worst fears have seemingly been confirmed: Orochi knew about the whole plan. It was made clear that he knew about the new rendezvous point, so I expected he would do something. Yet I never expected anything like this to happen.

Even if Orochi hadn’t done anything, this storm would have made departure almost impossible. I’ve read about something like this. When the Mongols tried to invade Japan a second time, their fleet was destroyed in a massive storm. The Japanese called it a “Kamikaze” or divine wind. Now it looks like the same thing is preventing Wano’s champions from freeing her.

This is just my theory, but I think the Alliance was forced to move to a new location or remain anchored outside the harbor. They’d have Nami with them, so I doubt a mere storm could sink the fleet. I also don’t think the Alliance would be destroyed at Tokage. Not with the Straw Hats there.

As a side note, I liked seeing the flashback of Oden and the Roger Pirates. It’s clear that Oden was held in high regard by all who knew him, making it all the more heartbreaking to know of his unjust fate. He may be dead, but his will lives on his children and followers. The Alliance will win, and Orochi will die.

Sadly, we must wait two weeks to learn what happened the night before. It’s unfortunate, but no use crying about it. Just means there’s more time to get hyped up for the final battle!

I Give “The Promised Harbor” a 4/5. Good setup for the climax.

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  1. It was nice seeing the Roger Pirates again. I really want to know what’s up with that egg that’s always on-board the Oro Jackson.

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