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Carrying One’s Will

Edens Zero Chapter 63 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 63 Review/Recap

The battle for the fate of Sun Jewel continues. As the evil Scarlet Woman’s forces attempt to crush Drakken Joe and Edens Zero. While Rebecca and Weisz take down one of Kurenai’s lieutenants, Shiki faves her himself in giant. Another typical Shonen fight, but it’s still entertaining to watch, and it does bring up a good point about carrying one’s will.


Shiki’s fight with Kurenai’s turning against him, as her mech’s coated one Ether, making his Ether Gear useless. Thus, Shiki changes tactics and uses his gear on the environment. Shiki forces Kurenai into the slums, proclaiming that he’s carrying Valkyrie’s will. Kurenai says that carrying the will of a machine is nothing but naive idealism in the face of reality. Shiki counters this, and her attack, by saying that facing reality like her has done nothing to make the world a better place.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Weisz regroup after their fight with Baku, and get clothes. Weisz is naked, and Rebecca’s missing her panties (don’t ask!). They resupply inside a weapons locker, but right when they’re ready, they’re trapped. The culprit is none other than Nino, who tells Rebecca that the only way to get out is to beat him. Left with no choice, Rebecca’s forced into a B-Cuber vs B-Cuber battle!


So much for a straightforward Shonen fight, I guess. Too often, fights in the Shonen genre of manga resort to the “who punches harder” formula, but Shiki knows how to use his brain. Using his ether gear on the environment was a clever way to even the odds.

As for Kurenai’s speech about carrying one’s will, I’m with Shiki on this one. She’s basically saying that being an adult means not trying to cake the world a better place. It’s that cynical attitude that will ensure Shiki’s victory. I’d rather be a naive child than someone like Kurenai.

The next chapters going to be an interesting one, of you ask me. Gamer vs the Otaku, two of the biggest niches on social media. B-Cuber vs B-Cuber!

I Give “The One That Carries on the Soul” a 3.5/5. Nice Speech

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