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Arsenal the Legend

Edens Zero Chapter 62 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 62 Review/Recap

Last chapter saw an all out war erupts between Drakken Joe, The Scarlet Woman, and the Edens Zero and Valkyrie’s followers. As Rebecca leads the defense of the Labor District, she gets backup from Weisz. Weisz, who’s wearing a mashup of Power Rangers Iron Man, and calling himself Arsenal. This should be interesting


Arsenal the hero

When Sister couldn’t call Rebecca, she sent Weisz down to help her. Hermit gave him her secret project, the Arsenal Suit, which will let him use his Ether Gear to its fullest extent. So Weisz decides to act like a superhero, because why not?

Weisz starts mopping the floor with Kurenai’s lieutenant, but the suit has a fatal flaw. It’s power drains too fast, leaving the guy with only a few seconds left. In true Tony Stark fashion, he uses the last of his power to deliver a flashy, knockout punch.

Arsenal final attack

Then the armor powers down and leaves him naked.

Arsenal wins


Well, I can’t give Mashima points for originality, I have to admit that Arsenal is pretty cool. Even if he acts a little too much like another dorky anime superhero that I know of. It also changes up what Weisz can do for the Edens Zero. Instead of just being a supporter, he can fight on the front lines.

Arsenal's battle pose

I can see the Arsenal suit being continually improved as the manga continues, just like Iron Man. I’m honestly looking forward to it. Hopefully next time, though, Weisz will remember to wear pants underneath the suit.

I Give “My Legend” a 3/5

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