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Hook, Line, and Screamer

Jay’s Month of Halloween, Day 2- Total Drama Island

If you watched Cartoon Network in 2008, you might remember a show called Total Drama Island. It was a Canadian made cartoon that parodied reality shows like Survivor. In fact, the setup was Survivor, but with teenagers and the host’s a jerk. When I was looking for what to watch today, I found this gem from the first season. Perfect for Halloween.

So Funny

Looking back, this episode’s funnier than I remember, and it was funny to begin with. The teenagers get abandoned by host Chris McClean as an escaped killer is supposedly loose in the area. In reality, it’s an elaborate prank by Chris, with his assistant Chef dressing up as a killer.

This point on, most of the contestants go through all the mistakes that get people killed in slasher films. Classic mistakes such as:

  • Going off alone
  • Making out in the woods
  • Showering alone
Dude, classic mistake!

The only ones with common sense are Duncan and Gwen, both fans of slasher films. Then Duncan goes for the jugular and confronts Chef, which is awesome! The big twist in the end is that there was, in fact, a psycho killer on the loose. Gwen kicks his butt, though!

Take That!

This whole episode was a hilarious parody of the most common gripes found in slasher films, and I loved every minute of it. There were screams, running, and lots and lots of stupid mistakes. A perfect perfect and I fell for it hook, line, and screamer. Happy Halloween!

Poor DJ

Also, DJ, I get why you ran screaming. Heather 😱 me sometimes, too! Happy Halloween!

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