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A New Hero Emerges, Arsenal!

Edens Zero Chapter 61 Cover Page

Edens Zero chapter 61 Review/Recap

So, last chapter saw Shiki move against Homura’s evil mom in order to avenge the death of Valkyrie. Right when Shiki starts to back her into a corner, a new player emerges. Drakken Joe’s come to collect on a debt the Scarlet Woman owes. The chaotic fight continues, and it is getting crazier than I thought possible.

Edens Zero Chapter 61 Cover Image Arsenal


Edens Zero locked on

Livid that Drakken Joe is attacking her, Kurenai decides to crush him, kill Shiki, and wipe out the Labor District At once. While she unleashes a giant mech to do battle with Shiki in, Joe sets his sights on a bigger prize. He’s located the Edens Zero, and he aims to take it.

Meanwhile, the Labor Districts under attack from Kurenai’s army. With Homura still in a state of shock, Rebecca leads the charge against the Scarlet Woman’s robots. Her luck goes south, though, when she ones across one of Kurenai’s lieutenants, Fuzaiten Baku. Right when Rebecca looks to be in trouble, she’s saved by Weisz, who’s clad in a cross between a Power Rangers costume and Iron Man called Arsenal.


I stand by my previous statement of this arc getting overly complicated. It feels like Mashima’s rushing towards a clash between Shiki and Drakken Joe. I thought that would be conclusion of the Sakura Cosmos portion of the manga, but I hoped that it would be a little ways off.

Arsenal, who is definitely not Weisz wearing a cross between Power Rangers and Iron Man
Clearly Weisz

On the plus side, though, we see Weisz go “Great Saiyaman” as a Sentai Hero! If this is what he’s been up to, then I looking forward to seeing what “Arsenal” can do. I hope that the arc doesn’t end up collapsing in on itself, though. It could go either way at this point.

I give “Enter: Arsenal” a 2.5/5

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