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Spider-Man is Back, Baby!

Once upon a time, we thought that Spider-Man was out of the MCU, and the fandom almost went to war over it. I even gave my two cents about the whole thing. Earlier today, though, we got a special announcement:

That is right, Spider-Man shall remain in the MCU for the time being. This has made fans go crazy with joy. I actually squealed in sheer happiness when I heard about this!

For those not aware, over the summer Disney and Sony’s deal over the use of Spider-Man fell apart. Sony owns Spider-Man and the film rights, so Disney has to give up most of the profits. They only got 5% and merchandising. Then they got dollar signs in their eyes and wanted half of what Sony was making, which led them to break off their deal.

I said that both sides were to blame, but I felt that Disney was being too greedy. Fortunately, it appears that the Mouse came to its senses and compromised. According to Variety, this new deal let’s them keep merchandising rights, but they only get a quarter the profits.

This is the best deal we could have gotten, and I think everyone will benefit. Tom Holland can keep playing his breakout role for a little longer. Sony gets to move forward with its own Spider-Plans, and Disney gets the hero who could be the MCU’s new anchor back. I’m happy with this!

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  1. As much as I’m against Disney owning everything, I think they do deserve 50% of the cut. Sony’s Spider-man wouldn’t have done nearly as well if it was its own universe. But, if Marvel had any plans on Spidey taking Iron Man’s place, it’s gone now. He’ll either be phased out or stick to guest star appearances and cameos.

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