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Big News Rocks One Piece

One Piece Doflamingo

One Piece Chapter 956 Review/Recap

It’s rare for me to wake up and find a specific chapter of a manga trending worldwide on Twitter, yet One Piece did it last week. Now, One Piece has done it again, and on National Talk Like A Pirate Day, no less! Brace yourselves, mateys, because this chapters got big news. If you don’t want that big news spoiled, go read the chapter. RIGHT. NOW.


The Reverie’s over, and the world leaders are returning home. However, this year’s events have ended up sending massive shockwaves throughout the world. Two major incidents occurred, big news that the World Government’s tried, and failed, to suppress. The first is that something happened to Sabo in Marie Geoise. It doesn’t say what it is, but given how people who know Sabo are reacting, it must be bad.

The second piece of big news, though, is turning the world upside down. At the Reverie, King Riku of Dressrosa and King Nebra of Alabasta made a bombshell proposal: to abolish the Seven Warlords system. The motion passed with an overwhelming majority. As a result, the Marines are sending their forces across the globe to arrest the former Warlords. None of whom intend to go down without a fight.


I thought last chapter was huge, but this one just delivered bombshell after bombshell of big news. I wasn’t even able to mention the third piece because I couldn’t find the right place to do so. Let’s breakdown what we know so far.

First, given how everyone reacted to news about Sabo, I can only assume that he’s been reported as either captured or dead. I don’t buy it for a second. Given the source is that yellow journalist Morgans, who lies a lot, I won’t believe it. Until I see his body on screen, I will consider Sabo alive.

In Wano

On the Wano front, we got two pieces of information that, while trivial now, could have major ramifications. X Drake is revealed to still be a Marine, working in deep cover in Kaido’s Forces as part of a unit called “Sword”. Coby’s part of it, and is now a Rear Admiral. My theory is that this is part of a top secret plan by the Marines to get a spy among the Yonko. The fact that the World Government treats Drake as a pirate means that they’re really devoted to this ruse.

The Warlords are History

The biggest bombshell, though, has to be the abolition of the Seven Warlords. This was hinted at earlier by Fujitora, but I can’t believe Oda finally did it. The Warlords have been a part of One Piece for twenty years. This will put the squeeze on several characters, as they’re now wanted criminals once more.

Is Hawkeye even a pirate? I’ve never understood that.

To be honest, though, I’m not that worried about the Warlords. I know they won’t be able to capture Hawkeye, who I’m not even sure is actually a pirate. That’s never been made clear. Buggy will find a way to skip away like he always does. The only one I’m worried about is Hancock, since she has Amazon Lily to look after. I know she’ll find a way to protect her people, though.

At the end of the day, this chapter shows off why One Piece is the biggest manga in history. Eichiro Oda always manages to lay the groundwork for major events well in advance, always giving readers something big to look forward to. It’s what he’s done since the beginning, and it gives us some of the biggest moments in manga history. If the big news we got in this chapter is any indication, then Oda’s planning something that will shake the heavens. I mean both in the world of One Piece, and in real life. One Piece deserves to be trending right now, and releasing this on Talk Like a Pirate Day is a master stroke. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I Give “Big News” a 5/5. Perfectly setting up for something big.

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  1. This chapter was a nice interlude reminding us how much is going on in the outside world. Of course, the abolition of the Seven Warlords will look like child’s play when the world learns of what happens next.

    I can see it now: Tyrant in Wano overthrown, rightful heir takes the title of Shogun, opens Wano to the world. Kaido the Yonko lies defeated at hands of alliance led by Straw Hat Luffy. Any semblance of order left in the world will likely collapse.

    • Knowing how much of a badass Hawkeye is, I would not be surprised if he just wipes all the Marines out. Which does beg the question, is Hawkeye even a pirate, or does the World Government label him as one for associating with Shanks.

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