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Being Able to Move Forward

Edens Zero Chapter 59 Review/Recap

On the last chapter of Edens Zero that I wrote about, we learned about the tragic passing of Homura’s mentor/mother figure, Valkyrie. She died protecting the slums of Sun Jewel from the army of stone monsters. Now Homura must master the art of being able to move forward from this tragedy.


In the wake of learning of Valkyrie’s death, the crew of Edens Zero is left to process everything. Valkyrie’s followers in the Slums want Homura to join them in their rebellion, but Homura’s emotionally shattered. Knowing what she’s going through, Shiki tells her how devastated he was when his Grandfather died. It was thanks to the robots of Granbell Park that he was able to move forward, and why he knows Homura will get back up.

At her palace, Kurenai prepares to destroy the Slums, all while laughing over how Valkyrie “saved” her. Right while she’s gloating, Shiki bursts in, demanding that come see Homura. A fight is about to begin.


Congratulations, Kurenai, for you just made an exclusive list of mine. You’re now on my list of worst mothers in fiction. The saddest part, though, is the fact that this sort of thing happens in the real world. Just as Valkyrie showed us, though, you don’t need blood to be family; and Valkyrie was Homura’s real mother.

I, for one, liked seeing Shiki reach out to Homura, and I end up agreeing with him. Homura May have lost Valkyrie, but she has a new family in Edens Zero. A recurring theme in Mashima’s works is that family can extend beyond blood. That’s why I know Homura will come back from this, and why she’ll take her mentor’s place on the Four Starshines.

While I do think Shiki’s actions are reckless, I’m not surprised by it. I’m hoping that he can bring Kurenai’s reign of terror to an end soon. Still, it’s a bit worrying that the manga’s already moving to this point sooner than I expected.

I give “Being Able to Move Forward” a 3/5

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