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Until It Becomes Strength

Edens Zero Chapter 60

Edens Zero, Chapter 60 Review and Recap

After learning of Valkyrie’s death, Homura was completely broken by the fact that never see her mentor again. Outraged, Shiki decides to take matters into his own hands. He launches a one man assault on Kurenai’s headquarters, determined to bring the woman to her daughter.

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Despite the level of security the Crimson Woman has in her palace, Shiki makes short work of her robots and subordinates before baring his fangs on Kurenai herself. Kurenai once again mocks her daughter, this time calling her weak for crying, saying those who smile win. Shiki proclaims that if cryings a weakness, then his friends will carry it until it’s a strength.

In the Slums Valkyrie’s followers are flabbergasted that Shiki went to fight Kurenai on his own, and rush to help. Rebecca, on the other hand, tries to help Homura overcome her sorrow at the loss of Valkyrie, telling her that the warrior knew how much she (Homura) cared about her. Back with Shiki, Kurenai’s orbits weapon’s suddenly hacked. The one responsible is none other than Drakken Joe, whose come to collect a debt from the Scarlet Woman. Infuriated, Kurenai decides to go to war with Drakken Joe.


This is getting stupid now. So instead of a war between Edens Zero and the Scarlet Woman, now we have a three way brawl between them and Drakken Joe. This whole plot’s becoming very convoluted in my eyes.

Given what I know, Drakken Joe’s the one who helped put Kurenai in power, and now he’s trying to collect on it. At this point, though, I don’t care what happens to her. Now that Joe’s here, he’ll be after the Edens Zero, and that means Shiki has to face his entire organization. I know Shiki will win, but it’s going to be his toughest battle yet. My problem is that I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I only hope this doesn’t reflect on the rest of the manga.

As much as I enjoyed Shiki’s remarks about weakness becoming a strength, I was unimpressed. I’ve heard much of the same thing from a bunch of other Shonen manga. Mashima’s not being original here. This may be one of the weaker chapters of the manga so far, and I think it’s rushing events.

I give “Until It Becomes Strength” a 2/5. Unoriginal speech and rushed plot.

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