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Beware the Bombie!

DuckTales Season 2, Episode 23 Review/Recap

While I enjoy most of the stories from this season of DuckTales, I think this week’s batch of new episodes are among its best. Not only did we get time travel antics and a dream team of villains, we got great character development from two of my favorite characters, Louie and Della. With the hour long season finale set for tomorrow, the show uses this episode to wrap up Louie’s season long arc while setting up for the Moon Invasion. Also, we get something called the Bombie, and that’s a funny name.


After Louie successfully tricked the villains out of their fortunes, his love of money gets the best of him. So he keeps the villains money and Scrooge’s company, making him the richest Duck in the world. Having achieved his goal, Louie then decides to sit on his laurels and $100 million ottoman. As soon as he does that, though, he’s plagued by a new problem in the form of a monster called the Bombie.

The Bombie’s a creature cursed to hunt the richest person in the world.Scrooge had it imprisoned on a deserted island decades ago when he couldn’t stop it. The only way to beat it is to gain the one thing the richest person alive doesn’t have. Despite trying hard to prove otherwise, Louie finally admits that he doesn’t deserve to be the richest Duck in the world, which makes the Bombie back off. Louie realizes that the one thing the wealthiest person has to earn is humility. Not even Scrooge could figure that out! Having learned a lesson in humility, Scrooge and Louie are freed from the curse, and the Bombie departs in peace.


With this episode, Louie’s character arc has come to a close for now, and I think DuckTales did a good job of resolving it. Admittedly, I think the process was slow going for him all season, but it really picked up in the past three episodes. Della’s tough love ensured that he learned to never let his plans endanger him family. The Bombie ordeal drove home the fact that he’s not ready to be a billionaire, and the importance of owning up when he’s wrong. Humility’s something not even Scrooge fully mastered, meaning that Louie ‘s surpassed his Uncle to an extent.

Meanwhile, the B-Plot sees Della’s own character development continue, albeit at a slower pace. This episode gives us hints that she may be suffering from some PTSD over being stuck on the Moon alone. She also realizes that maybe her behavior was a bit off putting to Penumbra, and that Penumbra didn’t want to be her friend. I think it shows that she’s finally learning how her actions affect others.

Of course, all this takes back seat to the imminent Moonvasion. And judging by the trailer, the Duck family’s getting all hands on deck for it. This episode did a great job of tying up loose ends while paving, even if Louie’s arc seemed a bit lackluster. It does pave the way for the finale, and I enjoyed it for doing so.

I Give “The Richest Duck in the World!” A 3.5/5

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