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DuckTales, Season 2, Episode 22 Review/Recap

It seems like DuckTales plans on keeping the gravy train rolling this week, because it just came out with another awesome episode! Though it’s not DuckTales, it’s now GlomTales!


With the bet between him and Scrooge over in two days, Glomgold comes up with his biggest scheme ever. He gathers up all of Scrooge’s worst enemies and unites them with the common cause of destroying the Duck Family! Too bad they’re all off on an adventure to Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Everyone except Louie, that is, since his last scheme almost got everyone killed. So he’s the only one around to see Glomgold’s league show up. This time, Louie puts his scheming to good use, and convinces everyone to sign their resources to Glomgold. Except, Glomgold’s a fake name, so it all goes to… Louie! So Scrooge wins the bet, right? Right?

I think Scrooge wins the bet, but that’s all up to Louie giving him the money; which I’m only 50% sure he will.


Few things can be as entertaining as watching a hero’s enemies teaming up to destroy him. At least, that’s their plan, before their clashing personalities and ego’s ruin everything in a hilarious fashion. In this case, Ducktales Glomtales pulls off this trope spectacularly. Seeing all of these villains, many of whom people grew up watching, team up is the kind of thing that makes fans 🤤.

Since they’re the bad guys, or more importantly Glomgold, the plan’s doomed to failure to the viewers entertainment. Glomgold only puts in the bare minimum of work. Yet he’s so bad at it, we can’t help but love his failures. Just look at his takeover of the DuckTales theme song, GlomTales!

Aside from that, I’m glad to see that Louie learned his lesson about scheming. There’s no denying he’s good at seeing the angles, but he needs to see every angle; especially the ones where he may fail and how it will affect him. At least now Della will be there to help him.

While it’s never fun to see a lovable character get punished, I think this experience taught Louie a lesson about putting his family’s safety before his schemes. As much as I want him to just give Scrooge the money, I’m worried he might keep it for himself and let it go to his head. 🤞

Regardless, I think GlomTales! was a hilarious episode. Watching these villains play off each other’s egos, then get outsmarted by Louie, was brilliant! I can’t wait to see how this sets up future conflicts in the show!

I Give “GlomTales!” A 4.8/5. Near Perfect.

Some Observations

  • That takeover of the intro is actually a real video on YouTube. It’s part of their “Theme Song Takeover” Series. Using it for this episode was genius!
  • Noticed how everyone considers Magica as Scrooge’s greatest enemy, and not Glomgold? Seeing Glomgold react to that was hilarious.

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  1. Too bad Glomgold was leading the group. It would’ve been great if they were an actual threat to the Duck Family. Other than that, I loved the villain interactions.

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