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Timephoon of Doom!

DuckTales Timephoon

Ducktales, Season 2, Episode 21 Review/Recap

Last Friday’s episode of Ducktales was a complete bust, admit it. Kickstarting our second week of new episodes though is one that’s furing in all cylinders. Get the TARDIS ready, people: we got ourselves a time travel episode! It’s a Timephoon!


Why does this seem familiar?

While the rest of the family prepares for an oncoming hurricane (and Mrs. Beakley and Della argue about parenting styles), Louie comes up with his best scheme yet. He uses Gyro’s Time tub to travel into the past to find treasure before its lost. It predictably backfires, though, when he accidentally brings home a caveduck named Bubba, who adapts quickly to modern times.

Unfortunately, time travel+storm= a timephoon, which drags people from across history into the present. Pretty soon, the Duck Family gets dragged into parts of history before uses the time tub to send everyone back where they belong. The repurcussions, though, are immediate, and seem to drive a wedge between an angry Della and Louie.


This episode manages to kill two birds with one stone, giving us a wacky adventure that also served to drive the plot of the season forward. While the time traveling shenanigans are hilarious, I think the focus of this episode is on Louie and Della’s strained relationship. Yes, Louie’s actions were reckless, but as Louie points out to his mom, she’s guilty of the same thing. She recklessly went into space on the Spear of Selene in the middle of a cosmic storm, leaving her out of her son’s lives for a decade. Yet, her actions since coming back to Earth indicate she hasn’t fully learned from her own mistakes.

Louie and Della’s relationship can go one of two ways from here: they’ll both realize that they need to temper their recklessness and reconcile. I’m hoping this is the case, because given how the whole family embraces crazy adventures, it feels unfair to single out Louie this one time. Or, it could just lead to more drama leading into the season finale.

Then we have Bubba Duck. I never got to the point where he shows up in the original show, but I love the guy. He’s like the fourth brother the Triplets never had and adapts fast to the modern world. There’s a good reason: the final episode does in fact, reveal that he’s the the Duck Family’s ancestor. I’d love to see more of him in future seasons!

Bubba Shred!

Also, just throwing this out there: when Launchpad comes back from the future, he says he saw the end of the world. Then he nonchalantly says he’ll see everyone at it “soon.” I take this as a big hint about Lunaris’ upcoming invasion. Hopefully, the next few epsiodes will continue building up the tension for this big invasion.

I give “Timephoon!” A 4.5/5.

Extra funny because I love anything having to do with Scrooge and time travel, since David Tennant was the Doctor.

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  1. I love Ducktales episodes showing different character dynamics. Della & Beakley were great together. I think the problem Della had with Louie is it was a scheme gone wrong. It wasn’t some innocent plan that went haywire. That plus seeing too much of herself in Louie make her ground him. It was a great scene. Probably one of the best of the season.

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