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The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot

DuckTales-Fix the Cloud Slayer

Ducktales, Season 2, Episode 20 Review/Recap

Well, after that awesome episode on Thursday, we’re back to one that isn’t as awesome. Since it’s Ducktales, though, it’s still good. Even the bad episodes are fun to watch, especially with a story that screams “classic Ducktales” like Cornelius Coot.


The treasure of Cornelius Coot: enough corn to feed Mewni
This seems like the kind of place I’d find in the kingdom formerly known as Mewni. They eat a lot of corn there.

Webby and the Triplets are at the historic fort of Cornelius Coot, Della’s ancestor/Duckburg’s founder. Legend says that Coot left behind a treasure that not even Della could find, so Webby’s determined to be the one to do so. She drags the boys along an underground passage, and becomes obsessed with finding it in order to surpass Della. So she’s pretty let down when it’s discovered that Coot’s “golden treasure” was really piles of corn.

Meanwhile, Della’s planning on flying her plane over the fort for the day’s event, but realized she has to deal with Launchpad. She easily loses her temper with his lack of flying skills, but his ability to crash things ends up saving everyone.

The Cloudslayer in Cornelius Coot's cave

The Beagle Boys, who’ve been pursuing the kids to steal the treasure, capture them only to be thwarted by Launchpad’s crash-landing. Then when Webby turns all the corn into popcorn, Launchpad saves them again by crashing the plane through a hillside. So the boys sell the popcorn at the fort and Webby learns to stop trying to prove herself to Della.


I read Kevin Johnson from the AV Club’s review for this episode and I have to agree: this episode feels off. Cornelius Coot has all the makings of what should be a classic Ducktales episode. I can’t get into it, though, and I jump at the idea of treasure hunting stories.

Also, I know Webby’s always looked up to the Duck Family as her idols, but I don’t see why she needs to prove herself. She’s already an amazing adventurer. Oh, and that C-plot about Big Time Beagle trying to prove himself to Ma Beagle didn’t interest me at all.

At least Launchpad knows he doesn’t have to prove himself. Despite his record with crashing every vehicle imaginable, we know he’s a good pilot. If he wasn’t, then he wouldn’t survive all those crashes. The twist on Cornelius Coot’s treasure was pretty funny in hindsight, but that’s about the only good thing I can think of. Maybe next episode will do better.

Also, I think this episode confirms that Dewey changed his middle name to Turbo. And I still think “Turbo Duck” sounds awesome.

I Give “The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot” a 3.25/5. Bonus points for “Turbo Duck”

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  1. The Webby comparing herself to Della thing came outta nowhere. Agreed, it felt forced. I did like the kids going on an adventure and the Della/Launchpad interaction (about time since they’re both pilots) but everything else fell flat. Especially, the Beagle Boys. They’re the one thing in the reboot that doesn’t work compared to the 80’s version. The 80’s BBs were dumb but they had so much personality and were funny. These BBs are just dumb, no personality, no humor. There’s basically interchangeable. A waste of good characters.

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