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Steven Universe: The Broadway Musical

My (Spoiler-Free) Review of Steven Universe: The Movie

I’ve seen a few cartoons get the musical treatment in the past. Shoot, Spongebob Squarepants got a Broadway musical, and I didn’t even know! Of all the cartoons I’ve seen, though, I don’t think any would be better suited for Broadway than Steven Universe. The new movie Steven Universe: The Movie convinced me of that on Monday night.

It’s been two years since the events of Battle of Heart and Mind, and life seems perfect for Steven. The Diamond’s are learning to be nicer to others, the uncorrupted Gems are making a new home in Beach City, and the galaxy’s at peace. Right when Steven’s ready to live happily ever after, a new enemy emerges. Can Steven and the Crystal Gems save Earth again, and can they do it in song?

The answer to that second question’s a resounding yes. We’re treated to a a multitude of song and dance numbers the minute the curtains rise, literally. If you were to close and just listen to the music, you’d mistake Steven Universe: The Movie for a Broadway Musical. Songs are Steven Universe’s thing, so why shouldn’t the movie be a musical?

Elvis Josuke Higashikta and Pearl perform a duet. in Steven Universe the Movie.

Musical Success

I liked all the songs in Steven Universe: The Movie ; I’m even listening to the entire soundtrack as I write this. From the upbeat to the tear-jerking to the hopeful, the movie covers all the bases for a musical. My favorite song, though, has to be “Other Friends,” sung by the film’s villain, Spinel. It’s chaotic and as cartoonish as the rubber-hose style Gem singing it. I especially found the contrast between the inherent silliness of Spinel’s design and the bitter and mocking tone of her voice to be entertaining. The fans think so, too: the song was trending at #4 on YouTube the day after the movie premiered.

Spinel, the broken best friend of Pink Diamond bent on getting revenge.
Spinel may act silly, but she’s one of the most dangerous enemies Steven and the Gems have ever faced. And she’s got a tear-jerking backstory.

Once you get past the awesome music and get to the heart of the movie, you’ll find that it remains faithful to the themes of Steven Universe, specifically love and change. I’ll talk more about it in my spoiler review, but the events of Steven Universe: The Movie force Steven and the Gems to accept that nothing stays the same forever. The show’s always been about change, and the movie reminds the characters of that. Being Steven Universe, it imparts these lessons through the power of catchy songs.

I’m sorry, the music’s just that good.

All in all, Steven Universe: The Movie is a musical masterpiece that more than lives up to the hype. It shows off all the charm and fun that made Steven Universe one of the most important cartoons of our time. Thanks to Cartoon Network rightfully using all its resources to promote the film, I think they got a massive hit. If you haven’t seen the film, then go watch it now wherever you can. It’s so good, I actually hope it becomes a Broadway Musical one day.

I Give Steven Universe: The Movie a 5/5. Believe in Steven

If you’ve seen the movie already, then click here to see my spoiler review where I discuss what I liked most about the film.

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  1. Great review. But, I agree with you so I think I’m biased. You can tell they put lots of effort into the songs, story, and animation. New or old fans who dropped off can watch the movie and enjoy almost as much as regular fans. The villain was fantastic.

    I’m no Steven Universe superfan, but it exceeded my expectations.

  2. Praying for the Steven Universe Musical on Broadway. You’re absolutely right on with this article, thank you for writing it. The musical score and songs written for this movie is more than awesome and well deserving to be Broadway worthy. I’m sure all the parents and kids alike will enjoy this and surely will be a success with great reviews. Hopefully someone or a team will bring this to fruition. 🤞🙌🙏
    Btw., This is the only movie my kids watch in the minivan where I leave the sound in front of the vehicle for my wife and to enjoy while our kids sing along😊

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