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Lena’s Nightmares Come True

DuckTales-Webby's Dream

Ducktales Season 2, Episode 19 Review/Recap

This has to be my favorite episode from last week’s dump of new Ducktales! It’s all about confronting one’s inner demons through the crazy, reality-defying realm of dreams, and it’s awesome because it stars Lena de Spell!


Even boy/girl ratio. I think that’s a rare sight in cartoons.

Webby throws a huge slumber party at McDuck Manor and invites Lena, Violet, and the Triplets to it. It soon becomes apparent, though, that Lena’s trying to avoid going to sleep. Once everyone does succumb to slumber, things get weird.

Everyone’s dragged into a shared dream that shows off a key aspect of their personalities. Things like Louie’s laziness manifesting with him as a cat, Dewey’s high school dedicated to himself. When they get to Lena, we see she’s been having nightmares of her turning into Magica. She almost lets herself succumb to Magica’s influence, but thanks to the power of friendship, Lena overcomes her aunt’s influence.


I saw this episode in a different light then I normally do, as I felt it carried a powerful message about overcoming one’s fears. Magica’s a bully, authoritarian figure in Lena’s life, and it’s clear that she still has a dark influence on her. This episode shows that her deepest fear is that she’ll become just as bad as Magica one day, and while they are similar, it’s their differences that set Lena apart.

Unlike Magica, Lena has friends that she cares for and they care for her. They’re what keep her from becoming Magica. The meaning is made all the more important when it’s revealed that Magica herself was behind Lena’s nightmares. She was using a telepathic device to mess with her niece to get her magic power. The real Magica’s just a pathetic old woman, one that Lena need not be afraid of anymore. I doubt that we’ve seen the last of Magica though, but the Duck Family will be ready for anything she may throw at them.

Magica de Pathetic, Lena's lame aunt. Ducktales

I found this episode to be very enjoyable overall, as it delves into the kids psyches and shows us what makes them tick. What we end up seeing was pretty fun, too.

I Give “Nightmare on Killmotor Hill” A 4.5/5

Wanna See Dewey’s Dream School? It’s like a homage to High School Musical.

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