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Axis of Evil

One Piece Chapter 954

I’ve been covering the One Piece manga since the second half of the Wano Arc began, and we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs. The last chapter, though, I thought everything was in place for the Alliance to make its move. While things keep going the Alliance’s way, the end to this chapter unleashes an Axis of Evil. An Axis of Evil that could spell doom to all our heroes plans.


Hiyori explains that her father wielded two legendary blades in his lifetime, and his kids took one when he tied. Momonuske got the Ame-No-Habakiri, while Hiyori got Enma. Understanding how vital Shusui is to Wano, Zoro agrees to give up the blade in exchange for Enma. 

Back in the capital, Law’s been freed by someone, while a bloodied Hawkins reveals he only joined Kaido since he knew he couldn’t win. The remainder of the Alliance begins final preparations while discovering the last message from Yasuie. Kin’emon changes the puzzle picture representing the rebels to let everyone know the new rendezvous point. The rebellion will strike from Tokage harbor in Udon.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the Beast Pirates begins to gather in Onigashima, where Kaido reveals a shocking announcement. The Beast Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates have allied to conquer the world. WHAAAAAAAAATTT???


So, there’s a lot here that I need to unpack first. To start, there’s the other sword that Oden Kozuki used, the Ame no Habakiri. That’s Japanese for “Snake Slayer of Heaven”. In Japanese mythology, that sword’s known as the Sword of Tostuka, the blade used by Susanoo to slay the Snake demon Orochi. I’m bringing this up because, if Momonouske has it, then I’m almost sure he’ll be the one to slay Orochi. I don’t know how since he’s still a kid, but I have a gut feeling.

As for Lord Yasuie, my respect for him has only grown after he died. He managed to make a fool out of Orochi and come up with a cunning plan to ensure the Alliance’s success. I hope he watches from the afterlife over the Alliance.

Unfortunately, there’s the elephant in the room that I have to mention. The news that Big Mom and Kaido have allied is catastrophic. The World Government and Marines had to use everything they had to fight one of the Yonkou. If two were to join forces, they could conquer the world together. Kaido already has the monstrous Beast Pirates, Orochi’s cronies, and hundreds of subordinates under him. Big Mom has an army in the tens of thousands. Even if she doesn’t bring them all to Wano, her main crew’s a considerable threat. This Axis of Evil has thrown everything into chaos.

There are only five days left before the final battle, and even though the Alliance has an army, that may not be enough. None of it will matter unless they can take down Kaido and Big Mom. So, like a lot of shonen manga, we’re going to have to rely on our hero, Luffy. He’d better be training his butt off, or Wano’s doomed.

I give “Like a Dragon Growing Wings” a 3.5/5. Exciting chapter, massive bombshell, but too short.

Also, the manga’s on break next week.

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