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Edens Zero Made Me Cry

Edens Zero Chapter 58 Cover

Edens Zero Chapter 58 Review/Recap

I normally start off these review/recaps with something to say, but I’m drawing a blank on this one. So let’s just dive right into the next chapter of Edens Zero. This one will make you cry.

Edens Zero Chapter 58 Cover


Edens Zero Chapter 58 Valkyrie and Kurenai meet.

Five years ago, Valkyrie came to Sun Jewel in search of Homura’s birth mother, Kurenai, to be find her in deep trouble. She came to Sun Jewel to earn money for her and her daughter, but wound up a slave working off her debt. In order to reunite Homura with her mom, Valkyrie has Paul place Kurenai’s collar on her so that she can fight the stone beasts and pay off her debt.

To her horror, Paul reveals three years later that Kurenai instead proceeded to marry the Baron of Sun Jewel, kill him, and become the planet’s new ruler. Worse, she deliberately enrages an army of Stones to reap the money off of them, putting the entire labor district in danger.

Edens Zero Chapter 58 Valkyrie's final stand

Living up to her namesake, Valkyrie held the horde off to give the laborers time to escape. She slew them all, but paid a terrible price. In the present day, the crew of Edens Zero’s reduced to tears when they come Valkyrie’s location. In saving everyone’s lives, she sacrificed her own, dying on the ground on which she knelt.


If you read Hiro or saw Hiro Mashima’s previous work, Fairy Tail, then you know he has a thing for giving characters sad backstories. This, though, is one of the saddest I’ve seen him do. Right up there with Erza and Jellal’s childhood in the Tower of Heaven.

If I wasn’t convinced before, then I am now: Valkyrie was Homura’s true mother. Kurenai stopped being her mom when she chose to stay on Sun Jewel.

I already know what the Edens Zero crew will do next: Shiki’s already mad at the Scarlet Woman for what’s happened, but with Valkyrie’s death, he’ll be out for blood. There’s a war coming between the Demon King and the Scarlet Woman, and I’m looking forward to seeing Shiki tear her empire down.

I Give “The Reunion of Silence” a 4/5. So sad

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