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Way of the Sword

One Piece Chapters 952 & 953 Review/Recap

I’m sorry that I didn’t get to do One Piece last week folks. I was distracted by my “Week of Zim” thing going on. So to make up for it, I’m doing the two latest chapters together as one. It looks like the second act of the Wano Arc’s winding down, and despite setbacks, the Alliance has regained the advantage. Only one problem: they don’t have any swords. These next chapters will change that and put a sword in the Alliance’s hands.


Chapter 952

At Onigashima, Kaido and Big Mom’s clash continues to freak everyone out; even Queen tries to find an excuse to head back to Udon. Fortunately, the entire prison’s under Luffy’s control, with Tama using her powers to tame the Warden so he gives the all clear signal. With the capture of Udon prison, the Alliance’s gained 3,500 people ready to fight Orochi and Kaido, including Caribou, Hyogoro, and the 4 former heads of the Yakuza. Thanks to Chopper, Luffy and those infected with the Mummy Virus are cured and ready to rumble.

In Port Itachi, Kin’emon’s ecstatic to learn Ashura has the blueprints to Kaido’s fortress and the army Luffy has at Udon. The only problem is that they don’t have any weapons to use. At the bridge in Ringo, Zoro fights Gyukimaru again to get Shusui back. Their battle’s cut short, though, when Kawamatsu steps in, much to Hiyori’s joy. Then some of Kaido’s schmucks make the mistake of ruining the moment, but they go down fast. What’s puzzling is that Gyukimaru seems to know Kawamatsu.

Chapter 953

As Zoro chases after Gyukimaru once more, Kawamatsu explains why he’s in Ringo and what he did after Hiyori left him. In Ringo, it’s customary to mark the graves of the dead with their swords. After Hiyori left, Kawamatsu came to the region to take the swords so they may be used for the war against Kaido. What he didn’t expect to find was Onimaru, the fox-demon? companion of the late Daimyo.

Onimaru guarded the swords of the dead for years, and attacked Kawamatsu when the kappa until he showed how he needed them. The two gathered the weapons for years until Kawamatsu got captured in the Flower Capital. In the present, Zoro discovers a secret room filled with all the swords of Ringo, enough to army the rebellion. Unbeknownst to all, this was done by Gyukimaru, the human form of Onimaru.

As the chapter ends, Hiyori asks Zoro to once more return Shusui, to his refusal. In exchange, though, Hiyori will give him her father’s sword, Meito Enma, the only blade to wound Kaido.


Will wonders never cease? I wondered why that bandit was stealing all those swords, and now we know. While I can’t condone Kawamatsu for grave-robbing, this is one of the times when pragmatism takes precedence over tradition. Besides, I’m sure the former wielders of the swords would understand. Plus, the story of Onimaru seemed so touching.

On to the bigger picture, though. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the Alliance now has weapons, an army, the materials to build ships, and the plans to the enemy base. Some of their allies may still be in prison or scattered, but I think they’ll be out for the big fight. Even so, the odds are still against the Alliance unless Luffy can master that Haki technique. Hopefully, Kaido and Big Mom will wear each other out.

What I most interested in is the Meito Enma. If Hiyori’s right, then that makes Oden Kozuki the only one to injure Kaido. That sword could be the key to bringing Kaido down.

The final battle’s drawing ever closer. With the Alliance seemingly having everything it needs, I think Act Two’s almost done. All we need now is the last member of the Nine Red Sheaths, and we’ll be all set. I cannot wait to see the war to come!

I Give “Hiyori and Kawamatsu” and “A Fox of A Single Disguise” a 3/5, each.

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