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Toonami Does Steven Universe Justice

In one week’s time, Cartoon Network will premiere the long-awaited film Steven Universe: The Movie. Based on their now legendary show, this movie promises to be every bit as exciting and emotional as the show.

Cartoon Network’s well aware how important Steven Universe is to them, so they’ve been pulling out all the stops to promote this movie. They even let Toonami make the trailer we just saw, and Toonami’s technically a part of Adult Swim now. That shows how much this means to them. And yes, TOM, you did do the show more than enough justice. It emphasizes how much like an anime Rebecca Sugar’s hit show is.

Two years have passed since the events of Battle of Heart and Mind, and Earth is at peace. Steven’s helped to dismantle the Gem Empire, and the Gems of Earth are moving on with their lives. Everything seems perfect. Then a new Gem that looks like Jenny from Teenage Robot mixed with rubber hose shows up and starts wrecking everything! Hero time!

A Cartoon For a Generation

I may not be as enthusiastic a fan of Steven Universe as others, but I appreciate what the show stands for. I even gave it the top spot in my list of best depictions of LGBT in animation. I found it impossible to do otherwise. Years from now, I hope that historians will look back on this cartoon and see it as one of the most important cartoons of the 21st century. It’s universal messages on love and kindness resonate with millions and help people around the world. That’s something we need now more than ever in this world.

Plus, it has a lot influence from anime, and that shows how anime now rules the world.

In short, I am looking forward to this film. Just like how last year gave us the end to Adventure Time’s run on TV, this Labor Day will give us the next chapter in Steven Universe. Grab your cheeseburger backpacks, everyone!

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