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Favorite Moments From Enter The Florpus

I never got a chance to talk about this in my review, so I made this. There were a lot of scenes in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus that I enjoyed. So, yeah, let’s talk about the moments from Zim’s triumphant return that I loved most of all.

Dib’s Bizarre Adventure

The opening eighty seconds of Enter the Florpus have Dib giving a monologue on the history of his conflict with Zim. What makes this scene so humorous is how it visually skews what happened to favor Dib’s ego. The entire sequence is drawn in an animesque to show how Dib views his fight with Zim.

The best part of this sequence is that it takes visual inspiration from the popular anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Like the main heroes of JoJo, Dib’s depicted as being far taller and more muscular than someone his age should be, which also shows off his ego. Conversely, Zim and his robot minions look far more menacing than we know they are, with Zim being the scariest of them all. In a final JoJo reference, we have this scene with Zim and Minimoose. Tell me this doesn’t remind you of the Stands from JJBA.

Stand Name: Minimoose
Stand User: Zim
Abilities: Control over Dark Matter,
Persuasion, and multi-linguistic

Peace Is Nice

As part of Zim’s master plan to conquer the world, he hijacks the use of the Peace Day Membraclets for his own ideas. When the children struggle to all, hold hands due to various obstacles, Zim tasks GIR with motivating Earth’s kids. GIR’s solution is to come up with a terrible yet catchy song.

Peace is nice, peace is nice
Peace is better than CHICKEN AND RICE!
Peace peace peace, rice rice, rice,
peace, peace, peace, chicken and rice!

I thought that the LEGO Movie 2’s appropriately named “Catchy Song” was a lousy earworm, but this is is even worse. The singing was so bad that I had to cover my ears to make it stop. It didn’t work, though. Now it’s stuck in my head. I need help!

Zim’s Victory

No matter how incompetent he can be most of the time, its the times when he’s competent that make Zim a deadly threat. In his most complex plan ever, Zim modifies the Peace Day bracelets created by Professor Membrane to turn the children of Earth into a world-spanning star-gate. Using Minimoose as a power source, he teleports Earth to a location that puts it in the path of the Irken Armada. He then proceeds to celebrate in Dib and Gaz’s faces.

No matter what Gaz may say, you should never underestimate Zim. The fact that he admits that his previous moping wasn’t an act and that he the idea for this plan from Dib shows how resourceful the evil alien can get. As always, though, Zim’s hubris ends up being his downfall in some form. If it weren’t the giant Florpus hole, then the Tallest would have blown Earth up to get rid of Zim for good.

Membrane Family vs. Zim

At the climax of the film, Dib desperately tries to undo Zim’s master plan and save Earth. The Irken’s one step ahead of him, though, and has an army of robots ready to crush Dib with a wave of his hand. Right when it looks like all’s lost, Professor Membrane arrives to save his son. Together, father and son team up to destroy Zim’s army, with Gaz coming in to deliver the coup de grace.

While the chase and fight sequence is visually stunning, the real draw to this scene is how it lets Dib finally get what he wants most. All through the show’s run, Dib’s been desperate for his dad to support him in his interests. While Membrane may think he’s hallucinating, there’s no hiding the fury he has towards Zim for trying to hurt his son. Seeing these two team up to save the world was Dib’s dream come true, and I’ve never seen him happier during Invader Zim’s run.

Enter the Florpus

This was just one moment. There are plenty of weirder ones!

As Zim’s army lays in ruins and the Membrane family victorious, the Florpus hole finally drags Earth into it. As a result of the collision of alternate realities, the visual style of the film begins to change in rapid-fire mode. Thankfully, this multi-media hell ends when Professor Membrane uses Minimoose to return Earth to its previous location in space.

This scene’s about as trippy and weird as Invader Zim could get, and seems like an animator’s dream. It also reminds me of a very similar moment from the four-part finale to Gravity Falls, Weirdmageddon. I don’t know if the shoutout was intentional, but I ended up loving it regardless. Leave it to Zim to almost tear reality apart.

Oh, if you guys didn’t know, Zim has his own comic book series now! Crazy right? You can read it right here on this website!

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