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Our Mad Savior GIR

The Funniest and Craziest GIR Moments

When it comes to insanity, I think there’s only one cartoon character that has everyone else beat. No, not the Joker; he was a comic book character first. I’m talking about the robot whose brain is literal garbage and tacos: GIR from Invader Zim.

GIR’s basically the definition of insanity/stupidity, and we love the little guy for it! He’s Zim’s robot minion, and while he’s supposed to help him conquer Earth, he goofs around instead. Some of the show’s funniest moments come from GIR’s antics, and as a loyal fan, I’d be crazy to not talk about them. So, let’s go over what I think are GIR’s craziest and greatest moments.

TACOS!, Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain

Remember earlier this week when I talked about GIR became the AI for Zim’s Base? The little guy had a field day doing whatever he wanted. First, he refused to obey Zim, then he proceeded to bombard him with mindless TV, for a whole year! To top off the insanity, GIR then levels half the city to get tacos. Must obey the taco man!

As annoying as he can get, GIR’s good at making us laugh. I can’t quite explain it in words, but seeing him turn into a giant robot doghouse is hilarious.

Flaming Cheese! The Frycook What Came From All that Space

When Zim gets kidnapped and taken to serve as a fast food slave for the rest of eternity, he calls GIR to arrange for his rescue. After immediately forgetting his task for the next few days, he ends up calling the Tallest. This is what he said verbatim:

I wish I knew how whatever thought process he has came to this conclusion. Then again, I think exposure to GIR’s mind would drive people insane or make them stupid.

Which reminds me…

Weaponized Stupidity, Plague of Babies

Never underestimate the power of stupid. When Zim’s base gets attacked by an army of aliens that look just like babies, the Irken comes close to being overwhelmed. In a last ditch effort, Zim hooks GIR up to an amplifier he’d been messing with and kicks it on to max power. The resulting waves of stupidity are so powerful that they render the aliens brain-dead, leaving them with the minds of babies.

This wasn’t really a crazy moment from GIR, but I put it here because I thought it’s a funny take on the idea of “lethally stupid”. The stupid waves briefly killed Zim earlier in the same episode, so we know how dangerous they can be. Come to think of it, if Zim ever turned that into a weapon, he could reduce humanity to drooling mush. Thank heavens it’s a one episode thing.

Dancing Weenies, GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff

Ever wonder what goes inside of GIR’s mind sometimes? Too bad, because we got a glimpse of it. While helping Zim on one of his plans, GIR starts daydreaming. As we watch through his eyes, he imagines a herd of cows as dancing weenies. He then proceeds to ruin Zim’s plan.

If this is what GIR thinks on a daily basis, then he’s crazy.

The Doom Song, The Nightmare Begins

This was the first of many crazy moments from GIR. As he and Zim head out on their “mission”, the little robot proceeds to sing “the doom song.” He keeps at it for six months.

This moment’s part earworm and part laugh out loud for me. It’s just plain hilarious and I can’t adequately express it in words. It also indicates how stupid and crazy GIR really is.

Doom doom doom doomy doomy doom doom!


Want to see GIR annoying the perfect being? DevilArtemis took care of that for us.

Oh, if you guys didn’t know, Zim has his own comic book series now! Crazy right? You can read it right here on this website!

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  1. GIR was and still is my favorite character on the show! He’s the perfect blend of adorability and insanity. I also love the episode where Zim managed to make GIR smarter only to backfire and make him smarter than he is.

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