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A Genius in a World of Idiots

5 Smartest People on Invader Zim

If you have seen Invader Zim before, then you know the characters aren’t known for their intelligence. That’s me putting it lightly, too. Almost everyone in the show is too stupid to live. Thankfully, some of the characters show signs of intelligence, if not outright genius. These are the five people I consider to be the greatest bastions of intelligence in a universal sea of idiots.

#5 Zim

You’re probably wondering why, out of all people, would Zim be on this list? He single-handedly ruined Operation: Impending Doom I, almost destroyed the Irken Empire on several occasions, and fails on a regular basis. He’s basically a destructive, narcissistic idiot his own people fear. So why is he on the list?

The answer’s pretty simple: despite his countless acts of destruction and habit of ruining his own plans, Zim’s actually pretty smart. On the rare occasion when his plans do work, they end up devastating anyone that crosses him.

A prime example would be the episode The Wettening. In the span of a single episode, he devises a countermeasure against his species weakness to earth water, and turns something as simple as a water balloon into a WMD. If it weren’t for his overzealousness and ego, he’d be the deadliest Invader in the Irken Empire. Thank god he isn’t

#4- Professor Membrane

The father to Dib and Gaz, Professor Membrane is one of the smartest humans alive. Though to be fair, most humans in the show are idiots. He’s such an important scientist that world leaders rely on him for help.

Despite this, I put Membrane at number four for a number of reasons. It mainly has to do with his refusal to listen to Dib about aliens or other paranormal phenomena. While Dib does cry wolf a lot, he’s still right about Zim being an alien. Yet not even Professor Membrane’s able to see through Zim’s poor disguise. If his son, who he sometimes considers insane, can see through Zim’s disguise when he can’t, then his intelligence is questionable. Also, while he makes an effort to be there for his kids, he can be a bit of a neglectful father.


Dib’s always been my favorite character on the show, and for good reason. His obsession with the paranormal led him to figure out right away that Zim’s an alien. Unfortunately, he’s cried wolf so many times that no one will believe him, or they’re just too stupid.

Despite his quirks, Dib’s by far one of the smartest humans alive in the show. He possesses a talent for science and engineering that rivals his famous father, and remains a thorn in Zim’s side. His most impressive feat, though, is being able to take possession of Tak’s ship and partially reactivate it. If he ever got it to work at its full potential, he could easily best Zim’s arsenal.

The reason why Dib’s not at the top of this list, despite how much I like him? Despite his obvious intelligence, Dib can also be very gullible. Just look at how much he obsesses over that lame show Mysterious Mysteries. Plus, he genuinely thinks that Zim is a threat to Earth. That’s something that my number two pick refuses to believe.


Of all the nightmare fuel inducing things on Invader Zim, Gaz is the most terrifying of all. I’m pretty sure even Zim is afraid of her, and he’s not afraid of anything. Since she’s Professor Membrane’s Daughter, she inherited his intellect. Which explains why she’s a genius when it comes to video games. Which reminds me, don’t get between her and her games.

Over the show and comics, Gaz shows that she’s not only on par with her brother Dib in intelligence, but even surpasses it. She was able to repair Tak’s ship in only a few moments, something Dib spent months trying to do. Plus, while she’s aware that Zim’s an alien, she doesn’t care. Unlike her paranoid brother, Gaz understands that Zim’s too dumb to conquer Earth. I’d give her the top spot for that act of common sense, but I had to give it to my number one pick.

#1- Tak

Here she is, my top pick for the smartest character in Invader Zim, Tak. Having lost her chance to become an Invader due to Zim’s unwitting interference, Tak’s obsessed with taking what she thinks should have been hers. While she denies it, I think the chance to humiliate the universally despised Zim is the icing on the cake for her.

She may have only appeared in on one episode, Tak’s actions make it apparent that she surpasses everyone on the show in terms of intellect. For starters, we have her custom-built SIR unit and ship, the latter matching Zim’s entire base in power. Then we have the fact that she blended in perfectly with everyone on Earth, to the point that not even Zim and Dib realized she was an Irken until she revealed it to them. The biggest showcasing of her intelligence, though, was her master plan for Earth. She planned to drain the planets core and fill it with all the snacks the Tallest could ever want.

It ended up taking a temporary allince between Zim, Dib, and Gaz to stand a chance against her. Even then, I only think she lost due to dumb luck. Had her plans succeeded, it’s almost certain that the Tallest would have made her an Invader on the spot. She ended up failing, though, and Tak never made another appearance on the show. She hasn’t even appeared in the comics yet. It’s sad, really. But she came closer than anyone to conquering Earth, making her the smartest character in Invader Zim.

Agree with my picks? Granted, it was slim pickings given that it’s Zim. If you liked this, be sure to comment and follow me to stay up to date on my writings.

Oh, if you guys didn’t know, Zim has his own comic book series now! Crazy right? You can read it right here on this website!

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  1. Another reason for Dib’s place is because of how much he’s willing to defend humanity. I’d normally be all for it, but given how stupid most humans in the show are, I question if they’re worth saving.

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