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Greetings, Earth Monkeys

Greetings, worm babies of Earth. It is I, Invader Zim. For years, you have thought that I was gone. That I had given up on my glorious mission of conquest. Foolish Earth creatures, didn’t you know? An Invader never stops until they’ve finished their mission. For years, I have been watching you. Observing you and your ways. And now, finally, I have returned. Returned to bring about a pain unlike any known form of pain as I laugh at the collective soiling of your pathetic pants!! PREPARE. FOR. YOUR. DOOOOOM!! AHAHAHAHAHA

Master, Can I Sing the Doom Song Now?

No, GIR. We talked about this. I never want to hear that song again. Now let me finish my evil speech. I hijacked this Earth creature’s website to spread the word of my impending evil!

But I wanted to tell everyone about piggies. I like piggies!

Look, GIR. This is very important. I’m trying to let everyone know about my upcoming special on Netflix this Friday. So I took over this website to let everyone know about the Week of Zim! It’s five whole days counting celebrating the amazingness that is ZIM!

Can I have a taco? I need tacos. I need them or I’ll explode!

*groan* okay. Since it is a special occassion, we may partake in the disgusting earth snacks. Just let me finish up here.

Yaay! Tacoos!

Finally, he’s gone. Anyhow, obey Zim, come back every day at noon starting tomorrow, OR PREPARE FOR YOUR DOOM! MWAAHAHAHAHA!

Well that was weird. But the loud little green man was correct. Everyday I’ll be talking about one of my favorite cartoons of all time, Invader Zim. All of this will lead up to my review of Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus. And be sure to see the special for yourself on Netflix this Friday, August 16th. We did it, fellow Zim fans!

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