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High Alert

One Piece

One Piece Chapter 951 Review/Recap

So, my worst fears concerning Orochi are coming true. Despite everyone in Wano believing Yasuie’s last words, the snake refuses to let his guard down and is on high alert. Perhaps predictably, the Straw Hats are now on the run in Wano. It’s time for the Alliance to re-strategize.


Now that Hawkins has captured Law, Orochi’s not taking any chances. He has the Flower Capital on high alert. declared the Straw Hats public enemy number one. There are wanted posters and everything.

The Straw Hats have no choice but to flee the Flower Capital. Kanjuro goes to lay Lord Yasuie to rest where Orochi cannot find him. As for the Heart Pirates, they’ve been freed in exchange for Law’s capture, but decide to risk everything to rescue him.

As the Alliance moves out, the big highlight comes at Onigashima. Now awake and with her memory back, Big Mom confronts Kaido. As the two Yonko cross blades, the sky itself begins to split in two as the chapter ends.


If I’m being honest, I knew there’s no way the Straw Hats would be able to follow through with the master plan. They get into trouble no matter happens. Honestly, I’m surprised they stayed under the radar for so long. Now that Orochi knows they’re here, though, the Alliance needs to change tactics.

As easy it would be to despair now with the Beast Pirates on the verge of learning everything, I won’t. I’m trying to look at the long game, and the Alliance holds the advantage still.

The Bigger Picture

Law may have been captured, but he won’t talk and I know he’s planning something. Meanwhile, the fighters Orochi arrested are still locked up, but thanks to Yasuie’s last act, they think its a pointless act. Those prisoners will be easy to free when the time comes. What’s more, Ashura just gave the Alliance a fleet of old ships, enough to carry thousands. They’ll be able to bring their army to Onigashima with them.

The only variables I can find are the Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom. Their clash could weaken them, but given their power, they’re still a threat. Worse, if Big Mom remembers everything from Udon Prison, she could tell Kaido. When that happens, Kaido will destroy them all.

Right now, I’d say the biggest concerns are keeping Kaido in the dark about Udon, and that Luffy gets strong enough to beat him. If they do that, the Alliance stands a fighting chance.

Despite everything that’s going on, I’m starting to get bored with the Wano Arc. I want to see the actual rebellion soon. Hopefully, though, these chapters will lead to a big payoff, so I’ll be patient with Oda. It will be worth seeing Orochi get his comeuppance.

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  1. I want to know what will Big Mom do now. She ain’t dying so will she team with Kaido or maybe Kaido will give her some information or bribe that’ll get her outta his way. She’s a wild card as long as she’s in Wano.

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