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The Dream of Hope

One Piece Chapter 950 Ending

One Piece Chapter 950 Review/Recap

I don’t think I need to remind everyone how Kaido and Orochi have turned Wano into a wasteland without hope. I don’t think I could imagine what it’s like to live for 20 years in despair, but the time’s come for Wano to take back its future. Thanks to Luffy and the Alliance, the dream of hope is returning to Wano.


Udon Prison is in Alliance hands, but the prisoners are already restless. Luffy offers Kidd and Killer a chance to join with them to take Kaido down, but he angrily refuses and leaves. After his allies joined Kaido, he’ll never trust anyone outside his crew again. Meanwhile, when everyone finds out Luffy’s a pirate, they start second-guessing him. Once Momonosuke reveals himself, though, their hesitation vanishes as they all bow to the boy as their rightful Shogun.

Elsewhere, Ashura reveals to Kin’emon what happened to make him lose hope. Ten years ago, many of the Kozuki clan’s followers left to fight Orochi on their own, and they got slaughtered. They may not know why they were sent twenty years into the future, but everyone’s determined to fight Orochi. Ashura finally agrees to join the Alliance.

In the forest near the Flower Capital, Zoro and Hiyori remain in hiding from Zoro no’s assassin’s. Regardless, Zoro vows to avenge Tonoyasu’s death while Hiyori swears to kill Orochi. In another place, Law’s been captured and being interrogated by Hawkins about the Alliance.


This chapter felt more like a transition than anything, so it wasn’t as exciting as previous ones. Regardless, we got to see some more pieces move into place for the final battle.

Right now, the Alliance faces two big problems, though. The first is that Luffy’s incapacitated from the Mummy virus, and that Law’s been captured. I’m not too concerned with either one though. With Chopper’s help, Luffy will be better pretty soon. As for Law, I know he won’t talk.

With that out of the way, I’m worried more about Momonosuke. Everyone expects him to be this big leader and Shogun, but he’s still a kid. A kid whose worried about measuring up to the legacy his father left behind. If I could give him some advice, it would be to stop comparing himself to his father and be a leader in his own way. I know he can be a great leader and warrior.

There are now eight days left until the final battle. Thanks to Luffy, the dream of hope has been rekindled in Wano. For some reason, I think that may be why Momonosuke’s mother sent him to that time period: to meet Luffy. This chapter may have been slow, but it’s building up to something big. The dream of hope shall not be extinguished.

I give “The Dreams of Men” a 3/5

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