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Echo Creek, the Fan Sequel We Needed

It’s day six of my Star vs Fan Week, and it’s time for another amazing work for StarFans everywhere. I’ve used examples from MoringMark twice now, but this next one’s his latest work, and his best one so far. It’s the next-generation, fanmade sequel the show deserves. Instead of being about the kids of the cast, this is about Mariposa and Meteora. I give you Echo Creek: A Tale of Two Butterflies

Echo Creek: A Tale of Two Butterflies

First Released: May 20th, 2019

Author: MoringMark

Type of Fan Fic: webcomic/unofficial sequel

Status: Ongoing


Fourteen years have passed since the events of “Cleaved” and life in Echo Creek’s returned to a comfortable status quo. All the monsters and Mewmans have peacefully integrated into life on Earth. Star’s dream of co-existence between Monsters and Mewmans seems realized , and like she and Marco promised, Mariposa and Meteora got to grow up together. This fun little webcomic follows the next generation of the Butterfly and Diaz families as they try to make the most of their summer vacation. That includes going on as many adventures as Star and Marco did.


This webcomic was likely inspired by the Season 4 episode “Gone Baby Gone”. The short version is that Meteora and Mariposa accidentally end up in Hekapoo’s dimension where they grow up as teenagers and sisters together. It was a really interesting premise that seemed to entertain the idea of a sequel/spin-off about Mariposa and Meteora. Sadly, that idea took a backseat since the next episode was the start of the eight-part series finale. Thankfully, MoringMark realized the potential this idea had and decided to act on it. Might I also say that this may be his best work yet.

I loved “Cleaved” as a series finale, but because it was so open-ended, it left a lot of unanswered questions about what happens next. Echo Creek tries answering these questions by giving us a good look at what the cast of Star vs. did with their lives after the Cleaving. The two cast-members that look set to play the biggest roles right now are, of course, Star and Marco. They’re the leaders of Echo Creek, with Marco serving as Sheriff and Star as Mayor of Echo Creek. They both try to serve as mentors and role models for Mari and Meteora in their own way. Marco’s the overprotective brother, while Star’s the cool big sister who know just what to say to make the duo listen.

Next-Gen Butterfly and Diaz

The main focus of Echo Creek, though, is on Mariposa and Meteora, and it’s established that their relationship is a mirror image of what Star and Marco had. They love getting into trouble, with Mari acting as the voice of reason to Meteora’s more reckless tendencies. At one point, the two even mirror Star and Marco’s fighting poses from the first intro!

The point that I’m trying to make is that, until we get an announcement that says otherwise, I’m considering Echo Creek to be the sequel to Star vs. The Forces of Evil. The comics still in its early stages, but it has the potential to be as fun and action-filled as the show. Plus, MoringMark likes making these little shorts in between chapters that are pretty fun to read. While I don’t want to spoil anything yet, I will say this: there’s a bigger mystery to solve involving the legacy of magic. Where it will lead, I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

Echo Creek: A Tale of Two Butterflies is currently on hiatus, but it will be back later this month. Click the link up to go to MoringMark’s Tumblr and read it for yourself.

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