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The Sadistic Scarlet Woman

Edens Zero Chapter 52 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 52 Review/Recap

The last chapter we saw Shiki and Homura get arrested by the Scarlet Woman and her enforcers and sent to the slums to work off a ludicrous debt. It doesn’t take them long to pick trouble with one of her enforcers, Whip Punisher Garret. Let’s see how this goes.


Despite the other prisoners warning them not to, Shiki and Homura refuse to back down against Garret, so he uses his paralysis whip to force them to kneel. Taken by Homura’s beauty, he drags her off on her own to have his cruel fun with her. Shiki’s not going to take that lying down and prepares to go to war.

Elsewhere, after showing how evil she is, the Scarlet Woman reveals why she wants the Edens Zero. The ship’s ether drive can power the whole planet for the next ten years. Ergo, she plans on double-crossing Drakken Joe for it.

Back at the Casino, Rebecca, Happy, and Pino are unable to contact the ship, leaving them at a loss about what to do. Just then, a familiar face appears in the form of Labilia. She saw everything that happened and wants to help in exchange for a favor.


I knew from the moment Shiki and Homura got arrested that Edens Zero was going to go to war with the Scarlet Woman. Now, thanks to Garret, Shiki’s about to go on a rampage. I didn’t see him trying to get out of jail by paying off that unfair debt.

More importantly, though, it appears that the SW (Scarlet Woman) has no clue that the Edens Zero’s already on her planet, or that its captain is her prisoner. If she did, she’d stop at nothing to get her hands on Shiki and the ship. Let’s hope it stays that way for a while.

Now, do I think Labilia can be trusted? No, I don’t. She’s still a selfish brat. She does, however, owe Shiki for saving her from being kidnapped and turned into Illega’s naked furniture. More likely, she’s trying to get in good with Rebecca now that she’s famous from the Guilst Incident. Either way, I don’t trust her.

This chapter was about average for me, and I was left wanting more than what we got — looking forward to the next chapter more.

I give “The Scarlet Gauntlet” a 3/5

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