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Anime Will Save Shiki and Homura!

Edens Zero-Rebecca Cosplays

Edens Zero Chapter 53 Review/Recap

When we last left off, snobby B-Cuber Labilia approached Rebecca with an offer she couldn’t refuse. In exchange for a favor, she’ll help Rebecca rescue Shiki and Homura. Can she be trusted, though? Let’s see with the power of anime!


Now that Rebecca’s famous following the events on Guilst, Labilia wants to do a collaboration video with her in exchange for helping her get to the Slums. The catch is that she has to cosplay as the magic girl Poyo-Poyo Ruby Chan, a top-rated children’s anime. The costume is designed to be deliberately too small, but everyone likes it. Including a famous B-Cuber and Otaku named Nino.

At first, it seems like Labilia’s trying to help Rebecca. Just as she does Ruby-Chan’s pose, though, Labilia dumps a pot of soup all over Rebecca, humiliating her; then she runs off. It’s not a total loss, though: Rebecca’s performance so touched Nino that he decides to help her get to the Slums.

Speaking of the Slums, just as Garret’s about have “fun” with Homura, Shiki shows up ready to declare war on the Scarlet Woman for hurting his friend.


Instead of scolding Labilia, I would like to take this time to explain why I think she’s such a jerk. She picks on Rebecca to avoid the realization that, one day, she’ll wake up and realize she wasted her life while Rebecca will have tons of fans, go on all sorts of great adventures, and have actual friends. Am I in the ballpark? I’m more disappointed than mad that Labilia hasn’t changed her ways after Guilst, or learned to show Rebecca some respect. Something tells me that Rebecca’s new B-Cuber friends won’t let her get away with her cruel prank, though.

Speaking of B-Cubers, I like this new guy, Nino. As a man of anime myself, I love watching anime channels on YouTube, so it’s nice to see a fellow man of culture. It reminds me that our generation is the one that made anime mainstream.

This chapter was a step up from the previous one, even if it lacked any action. I got to see Rebecca play a significant role again and see her grow as a B-Cuber. That, and I like Nino. Anime will save the universe, indeed.

I give “Poyo-Poyo Ruby-Chan” a 4/5

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  1. Speaking of Magical girls, whose your favorite Magical Girl in anime? And I know it’s cheating, but I’m still gonna say Star Butterfly because she was inspired by Sailor Moon. That and she’s awesome.

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