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End of Disc One of Alicization

Sword Art Online Alicziation

Sword Art Online: Alicization, Episode 24 Review/Recap

They said that I was mad, doing this series for SAO: Alicization. Here I stand, having done what I set out to do. We’re at the mid-season finale of SAO: Alicization, and this will be my last review/recap until the show resumes in October; not waiting for the dub. Now, let’s get this mid-game boss fight started. Kirito vs. Quinella!



Alicization Kirito vs. Quinella

The battle between Kirito and the evil Quinella begins, and for some reason, Kirito changes into his SAO look. Because, why not? Despite not being a fighter, Quinella knows all there is about Underworld’s system, giving her the upper hand. With Kirito on the ropes, Eugeo uses the last of his strength to give him a pep-talk, remind him of their childhood in Rulid village, and reform his sword out of his blood. In the brief clash that follows, Kirito sacrifices his left arm but deals a fatal blow to Quinella. Desperate, Quinella tries to escape to the real world. Thankfully, the still-living Chudelkin intervenes and ends up destroying them both.

The battle’s over, but sadly, Eugeo’s still dying. Eugeo says it for the best, though, because they would have fought over Alice’s fate: Eugeo to save the Alice he knew, and Kirito to save Alice as she is now. Despite Kirito’s best efforts, Eugeo passes away, and the original Alice joins him in going to the afterlife. Kirito then drags himself to the terminal that Quinella used, and manages to contact Kikouka in the real world, only to learn the Island Turtle’s under attack. An unknown force’s attempting to seize control of Underworld’s server. Kikouka gives Kirito one order: bring Alice to the World’s End Server. Right before they can do anything, though, the enemy cuts the power to Kirito’s life-support, causing a power surge that sends Kirito into a coma as the first half of the season comes to an end.


Finally, it’s over! My second least favorite arc in SAO’s over! Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the idea of a virtual world filled with sentient AI, but this season was handled so poorly. The pacing was all over the place, there was a lot more exposition than I wanted to deal with, and they kept using “Swordland” in almost every action sequence. I love that song, but if they use it over and over, it loses its meaning.

On top of that, Eugeo, the only guy friend Kirito’s age, is now dead after being built up for 24 episodes. I don’t want to tell Reki Kawahara how to write his story, but I think letting Eugeo die was a waste of a character. I’m more upset about that than the fact that Kirito’s going to be in a coma for the foreseeable future.

On top of that, the Underworld equivalent of Armageddon is coming, and if the Human Empire loses, RATH will erase it. At least, that was the initial plan, but since they’re under attack by an unknown group, that changes things. I just hope this war will be as epic as I think it will be.

The only silver lining I could find here was Quinella getting what she deserves. Even then, though, I couldn’t take any satisfaction in it because of the loss of Cardinal and Eugeo. It doesn’t matter, though. She’s dead.

Overall, I think this was a disappointing end to the first half of the season. It’s like if Square Enix donked up Aerith’s death in the first half of Final Fantasy VII. It has the potential to be emotional, but then it falls flat on it. Here’s hoping that the second half of Alicization is better

I Give “My Hero” a 2/5. I’m being generous.

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