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A Week of Star

Hey everyone, Jay here with a special announcement. As you know, I’ve been busy lately with my posts on Amphibia and Sword Art Online. Now that at they’re done for a while, though, I have no other shows that I want to do use for my R/R (Review/Recaps) posts. I only have manga posts to write about for a while. So, I decided to use this next week for something special I wanted to do for a couple of weeks. It’s going to be a little weird, a little wild, and filled with star.

Still not over Star vs. The Forces of Evil ending. That’s what this is for, though.

In the week leading up to the series finale of Star vs. The Forces of Evil, I got into reading fan fiction for the show. It was my way of coping with the sudden and interest I had in the show. I still think it was me subconsciously transferring the excitement I had for the final season of Game of Thrones to a show that I thought wouldn’t disappoint me as much. Look me in the eye after the penultimate episode and tell me that you didn’t feel like GoT was dead to you!

I’m glad that I did, though, because it turns out there’s a lot of excellent fan writings for the show out there. Some of them, I think, rival professionally written books and TV shows. As I read more and more, I knew I couldn’t stay quiet about it. That’s where I got this idea: Star vs. The Forces of Evil, A Week of Fans.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting a different fanwork based on Star vs. The Forces of Evil and why I think you should read it. Rather than spoil anything, I’ll keep the plot to a minimum and focus on why this may be a good thing to read in your spare time. I’ll even include links to the stories in the description.

I hope you guys enjoy my new passion project! Come by tomorrow to see my first pick, Starfall!

To see my review of the season one finale of Amphibia, click here.

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