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Rebel Against The Beast Pirates!

One Piece Chapter 949 Review/Recap

After week-long break, the latest chapter of One Piece is now up, and I must say, it’s a good one. We’ve seen how the Beast Pirates have broken the people in Udon Prison, in body and spirit. If anyone can reignite their will to fight, though, it’s Luffy.


As Luffy’s group fights the prisoners, the guards start shooting everyone with plague bullets. These bullets are coated in a deadly disease of Queen’s own creation, one that burns their bodies inside out from searing heat and will spread on contact. They call it “the Mummy”.

Outraged by the inhumane treatment of the prisoners and how they’ve lost all hope, Luffy willingly touches them and becomes infected. He tells everyone that as long as Kaido’s in charge, Wano will stay a living hell, but he came to defeat Kaido and free their land. To show it can be done, Luffy then beats the Warden.

Moves by Luffy’s resolve, the prisoners of Udon finally rebel against the few guards left. By the day’s end, Udon Prison is in Alliance Hands.


If I had to choose what I liked most about Luffy, it would be his sheer force of will; he’d pick a fight with a god without a second thought. In this case, that god is a giant dragon named Kaido, and as I’ve said before, he should’ve killed Luffy when he had the chance.

While everyone might think Luffy touching people with a contagious disease is crazy even for him, I think I get what his plan is. He’s betting that his immunity to poison will keep him safe, or that Chopper can get rid of the disease. Either way, we know Luffy won’t die.

More importantly, though, the odds just tipped in the Alliance’s favor. They now have a base of operations hiding in plain sight, an army of 50,000 prisoners, and sea stone. I didn’t think of it before, but if the Beast Pirates. men are all Devil Fruit users, and the Alliance has it, that will give them a massive advantage. Or I could be overthinking this.

There are 8 days left until the final battle against Kaido and Orochi. The Alliance’s hit some setbacks, but now they have the army they need. Oda is building this up to be one of the biggest arcs in One Piece history. I can’t wait.

I Give “Mummy” a 4.8/5

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