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A Bitter Reunion

Amphibia- A bitter reunion

Amphibia Episode 20 Review/Recap

I’m going to keep this introduction brief as I want to dive right into the season one finale of Amphibia. The opening season saw Anne grow from being an outcast into Wartwood’s protector and hero. The reunion of Anne and Sasha, though, will be one of the toughest moments of the girl’s life.

For the record, I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot in this recap. It’s also good to be spoiled.


The episode starts with a flashback to Anne’s last day on Earth, celebrating her birthday with Sasha. Sasha had the two ditch school in favor of having fun around town, something that Anne was visibly uncomfortable doing. It gets worse, as it revealed that by stealing the Calamity Box, Sasha forced Anne to skip out on the party her parents planned for her.

In the present day, Captain Grime’s army rounds up the residents of Wartwood as Anne watches helplessly. What do they plan on doing? Throw them a party to celebrate the reunion of Sasha and Anne. Despite their skepticism, everyone goes along because Anne vouches for Sasha.

It doesn’t take long, though, for Sprig to realize that it’s a trap. Captain Grime wants to stamp out the seeds of rebellion in Wartwood, something that horrifies Anne. Even though Sasha offers the support of the Toad Army to get them home, Anne chooses the people of Wartwood and stands up to Sasha, pretty much ending their friendship.

The fight that follows leads to Toad Tower’s destruction, Grime vowing revenge, and Anne and Sasha’s reunion ending their friendship, possibly forever. Anne’s shaken up pretty badly, but the Plantars swear to find a way to get her home as Part One of Amphibia comes to a close.


I had a gut feeling going in that the reunion of Sasha and Anne would be what shatters the status quo of Amphibia. Both the show and the place itself. My hunch proved to be right, and this finale’s only the beginning of an even bigger story. And I loved every minute of it.

Through Sasha, we learn that rebellions against the toad’s rule are spreading across the valley thanks to the actions of Anne and, surprisingly, Hop Pop. Him running for mayor against Toadstool made him an unknowing symbol of rebellion, one that Grime seeks to crush. With Toad Tower gone and Grime furious, I think we can expect the toads to resort to open war in the coming season.

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What sets this episode apart, and thus makes it a superb season finale, was the reunion between Sasha and Anne. Her ultimate siding with Wartwood against the toads shows how far Anne’s come from the first episode. Sprig and the Plantars help Anne see that Sasha was never a true friend, and allow her to stand up to her for the first time. That doesn’t make it any easier for poor Anne, though.

The whole ordeal leaves her in tears. Despite this, and Sasha’s actions, I did learn one thing: Sasha does genuinely care about Anne. She just has the same misguided ideas about friendship that Anne did. If Anne was able to change in Amphibia, then there’s a glimmer of hope for Sasha. A miniscule glimmer, but a glimmer, nonetheless.

So, we wrap up the first season of Amphibia, and might I say, it’s fantastic. For the first time in a long time, I can’t wait for the next season to come out. If the first season laid the groundwork for the show, then Season Two’s the time to start creating more significant and more complex stories. Until then, we can only speculate on questions like the whereabouts of Marcy and the secrets of the Calamity Box. I can’t wait for Season Two!

I Give “Reunion” A 5/5.

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Some Stray things I noticed

  • That frog looks like Hop Pop! That’s just too creepy! Or is it a sign that this is all a dream?
  • We get our first map of the world of Amphibia
  • I loved the storybook-esque credits to the finale. I hope this becomes a trend!

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