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Anne’s Frog of the Year

Amphibia- Anne saves the day

Amphibia Episode 19 Review/Recap

Folks, I am pleased to give you two pieces of good news: one, this episode of Amphibia gave me some material to watch for Halloween this year, and it brought into the final act of the season. Anne’s journey in Amphibia is about to take a drastic turn in this episode as she becomes Frog of the Year. First, though, a scary story!


Children of the Spore

All Hop Pop wants to do is finish his precious model battleship, but Anne and his grandkids’ roughhousing keeps getting in the way. Desperate to make them listen to her, he rubs their heads with this mysterious elixir he gets from this hooded stranger called Apothecary Gary. It works a little too well: they turn into mindless zombies that do whatever he says. Once he rubs it on them again, they get stuck that way!

It turns out, that “elixir” contains spores from Apothecary Gary, whose really a sentient mushroom possessing a frog’s body. The mushrooms control people’s minds, and the mushroom plans to use them to enslave all of Amphibia. All of Wartwood’s under the creature’s control, but Hop Pop turns the tables by luring them into Bessie’s stable. By sacrificing his model ship, he unleashes the hungry snail, which devours the mushrooms. Hop Pop and the kids apologize to each other, and all is right with the world. Or is it?

Poor Jeremy! I loved him!

Anne of the Year

For all the good deeds she’s done since coming to Wartwood, the town residents declare Anne “Frog of the Year”, much to the shock of Mayor Toadstool. That means that Anne gets to throw her own party, and she wants to make sure she deserves the award. Mostly, she wants to prove Mayor Toadstool wrong. She puts HP in charge of entertainment, Polly handling guests, and Sprig… has to confess his love for Ivy.

It’s obvious that Anne’s letting her desire to prove Toadstool wrong go to her head, and the party becomes a disaster when a giant pond-jumper gets fixed. Working together with Toadstool, Anne saves the town (again) and then admits she doesn’t deserve Frog of the Year.

The townsfolk refute this statement, telling Anne that they voted for her because they’ve seen how far she’s come since she arrived in Amphibia. Even Toadstool admits she deserves the title. The party gets started again, and everything goes perfectly. And, in a shocking twist, Ivy ends up being the one who asks Sprig out!! Everything’s perfect. At that moment, though, Anne meets an old friend on a bridge: Sasha. Who also brought Captain Grime and the Toad army.


The first season is in the endgame now, so it only makes sense that this episode reflects on how far Anne’s come since she started. She was already a good kid before, but Sasha and Marcy’s influence left a dark mark on her. I’ve hesitated to call them her friends altogether. Since she started living in Wartwood, though, she’s helped its residents time and again. She’s become the town’s protector, its friend, and Wartwood wouldn’t be the same without it. She’s on the path to becoming a hero.

In contrast, though, what little we’ve seen of Sasha’s experiences have only reinforced her negative traits. She’s manipulative, ruthless, and potentially dangerous. Now that the two friends are reunited, I fear Anne will learn the hard way that Sasha may not be as great a friend as she remembers. Worse, the toads still have an axe to grind with Wartwood. The lines are drawn for a life-changing showdown. Whatever happens, the status quo’s about to change in Amphibia, and I can’t wait.

Also, I hope we get an Amphibia Halloween special involving the return of the mushrooms.

I give “Children of the Spore” and “Anne of the Year” a 4.5/5

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