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Maddie is the New Janna

Amphibia- Hairy Sprig

Amphibia Episode 17 Review/Recap

We only have three episodes left in the first season of Amphibia, and the show’s covered almost every primary and secondary character on the show. They even covered Wally in that awesome Moss Man episode. The only one left to get time in the spotlight is Maddie, the baker’s daughter that got engaged to Sprig. Since Sprig likes Ivy, though, he’s been avoiding Maddie. Time for an awkward break-up and curse!


After trying to hide from Maddie for weeks, Anne talks Sprig into breaking off his engagement to Maddie. Given Maddie’s creepy nature, though, both chicken out of telling her in person and break up with her via text. They throw a paper airplane saying Sprig breaks up with her. The next morning, though, Sprig wakes up all hairy, and Anne’s turned into a bird person. They’ve gotten cursed.

Despite first believing that Maddie cursed them, it turns out she didn’t do it. She knows how but only does it to people who genuinely deserve it. It turns out the person who cursed them was the town candy-man, Barry, because they may him drop a batch of rare berries. A battle of curses ensues, and with Anne and Sprig’s help, Maddie turns the curses back on Barry; then extorts him for some of his candy to reverse it. In the end, Sprig apologizes for not getting to know Maddie better, and the two agree to start over as friends.

Fiddle Me This

With vegetable sales down lately, Hop Pop starts worrying that he won’t be able to provide for Sprig and Polly. So when the talent show “Amphibia’s Got Talent” comes to town, HP makes Sprig compete using his talent at playing the fiddle. He then forces him into a grueling, Rocky-esque montage to ensure that he wins and becomes rich and famous. All Sprig wants to do, though, is have fun playing.

The night of the talent show comes at last, and Hop Pop has Sprig wear an elaborate moth costume and play the fiddle in mid-air. It goes great, until a giant bat tries to eat him. Thinking fast, Hop Pop leaps to the rescue and brings the bat down to the ground. Hop Pop tells Sprig that he was wrong to force him to do this. He just wanted to make sure he’d secure when he’s gone. Despite winning the talent show, and getting an offer to tour the valley, Sprig decides to stay in Wartwood with his family. They keep the trophy, though. Anne had to mortgage the house to pay for Sprig’s costume.


Unless I missed someone, I think Amphibia’s spent at least one episode focusing on its core cast. In my opinion, a show’s only as good as its characters, and while the main cast takes precedence, its a good idea to flesh out the supporting cast. Thanks to that, I’ve grown fond of most of the residents of Wartwood. As of now, though, I think Maddie might be one of my favorite characters.

I won’t lie: I thought Maddie would end up being a Yandere like Giffany from Gravity Falls. It turns out she’s more of a Janna, only not as cocky and more socially awkward. She’s a good kid, and pretty cool. I hope we see more of her in the future.

As for Hop Pop’s desire to push Sprig to success, I get why he’s doing it. Worrying about your family when you’re gone is scary for an adult. Something tells me, though, that Sprig and Polly will be fine. Given what we’ve seen of them, they’ll end up being famous explorers or adventurers one day.

With the first season winding down, this was the kind of episode we needed. I liked seeing more of Maddie and I hope she gets more screentime in the future. I just hope people don’t start arguing who Sprig should end up with: Ivy or Maddie. Knowing fandoms, though, its too late.

I give “Cursed” and “Fiddle Me This” a 4/5. Now I need to go ride out the shipping war on social media.

Can you guys imagine what it would be like if Janna and Maddie met? They could level a country.

Click here to see the first episode on YouTube

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