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Inner Gravity Falls In Amphibia

Amphibia- Wally and Anne Bond

Amphibia Episode 16 Review/Recap

No matter what world we live in, there’s always going to be interesting sights and things to see. Well, some of them are interesting, as Anne learns. Others, though, are things we’d rather forget, like an evil bed and breakfast. This episode of Amphibia dives into its inner Gravity Falls, and I love it!


A Night at the Inn

Thanks to the snow storm last episode, the mountain pass leading out of the valley’s blocked by ice, meaning they’ll have to week a few more weeks to get out. The Plantar’s decide to stay at the Dandy Lion Bed & Breakfast, an Inn run by a family of bullfrogs. They offer to let the Plantars stay for the night on a discount and rooms for everyone. Despite insisting that Polly bunk with her since she’s still a kid, Polly manages to get her own room anyway.

Despite wanting her independence, Polly realizes that she’s not quite ready to be on her own; right as everyone else goes missing. Polly discovers that the Bullfrog’s are a family of cannibals that eat people who stay at the Inn. Thanks to Polly not eating the cookies they drugged, she rescues her family. Anne then blows the place up using vinegar and baking soda. The whole ordeal makes Hop Pop admit that Polly can be more independent than he thought, though she admits she’s not ready to do so. Neither are Sprig and Anne, though, after what they went through.

Wally and Anne

While out on a berry foray, Anne manages to see the legendary Moss Man, a mythical creature that no one believes in. Even the Plantar’s don’t believe her, calling her just like One-Eyed Wally. Livid, Anne goes on a quest with Wally to get a photo of the Moss Man and prove that he exists. While on the trip, Anne unexpectedly manages to bond with Wally over their shared experience as outcasts. Wally even gives her some sage advice: don’t care what others think about you.

Anne and Wally manage to catch up to the Moss Man, only to lose him in the fog once more, causing Anne to snap at him for being a weirdo. Realizing her mistake, Anne apologizes and admits that Wally’s right about not caring what others may think. They end up forsaking the picture, and while Wartwood may not believe them, Anne’s fine with that.


Let’s recap what we saw this episode:

  • Mysterious Inn with suspicious intentions
  • Family hiding a dark secret
  • A local eccentric that no one listens to or respects
  • A child’s desire to prove that they can be left on their own
  • A mythical creature

All the signs are there: this was an episode in the vein of Gravity Falls. The Moss Man’s the kind of creature that would be right at home in Gravity Falls, but the big draw was One-Eyed Wally. I never realized it until now, but he reminds me a lot of Old Man McGucket from Gravity Falls. Both are the town outcasts, yet are surprisingly wise. In McGucket’s case, he’s an inventing genius, while Wally’s wise in a philosophical manner.

What I really liked about this episode, though, were the morals that both stories gave us. Polly learned that no matter how independent and self-sufficient you can get, never be afraid to ask for help from family or friends. Wally reminded us that what other people may think of us isn’t as important as we believe. He may be one of my favorite side characters now.

While it only appeared in the first few moments of the episode, we also learned that Anne’s trapped in the valley for a bit longer. Snowstorm will do that to a person. Regardless, there are only five episodes left in Season One, so the show’s building up steam. Good thing Amphibia’s built up its cast fairly well by this point.

I “A Night at the Inn” and “Wally and Anne” a 4.5/5. Bonus points for the reference to Big City Greens.

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