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Space Vegas is Evil

Edens Zero Chapter 51 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 51 Review/Recap

I would like to apologize for the delay on Edens Zero over the last three weeks. To make up for it, I’m doing the four newest chapters back to back to back. In the 51st chapter of Edens Zero, my fears of Space Vegas are validated.


The Scarlet Woman’s robotic enforcers arrive to restore order to the casino. However, they arrest Shiki and Homura for attacking the criminals, saying that any violence is unacceptable on Sun Jewel. The only way they can be set free is if they work off their debt by mining for the planet’s power source, Stones.

Unfortunately, Stones only come from giant bugs, and Shiki’s terrified of them. Worse, all the workers are at the mercy of the Scarlet Woman’s enforcers, like Whip Punisher Garret. They watch him beat up another worker, and since they hate bullies, they’re about to confront him, even though that will get them in deep trouble.


I called it: Space Vegas is evil! Underneath all the gold and glamor lies a rotten cesspool of unfair rules and corrupt leadership. This Scarlet Woman’s the kind who does whatever she wants, and gets away with it; I’ve seen it countless times in fiction.

So let’s go over everything: the Edens Zero crew’s strongest members are held captive, and any attempt to rescue them could end with everyone in trouble. Worse, Shiki’s useless fighting those bugs. On the other hand, Shiki and Homura are in the place that Valkyrie is, so they can reunite. My guess is that this is going to end with Shiki leading a riot that overthrows the Scarlet Woman. Its what I’d do if I were him.

This chapter sets up quite the interesting arc, even if it’s unoriginal. It reminds me of One Piece Film: Gold. Should be fun though!

I Give “Stones” a 2.5/5. Nice setup, but unoriginal concept.

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