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Sprig Messes Up Twice

Amphibia, episode 13 Review/Recap

No matter how much Sprig may have matured in the first season thanks to Anne, he’s still a kid. Like any kid, or person in general, he messes up. In this episode, we see him mess up twice.


Croak & Punishment

Sprig’s excited to give Ivy a blue moon shell for her birthday, but when it disappears, he becomes convinced someone stole it. After Anne shows him some cop shows, the two team up to track the thief down. While wearing mustaches!

Unfortunately, Sprig lets his role as bad cop go to his head. He acts like a jerk to everyone in Wartwood. It ends up coming back to bite him when he sends new Wartwood resident, Gunther, into a rage. A Hulk-like rage. Sprig realizes the error of his ways and apologizes to Gunther, setting things right.

By the way, it turns out Ivy took the shell to polish it. Sprig gives it to her, and she hangs it up on their door so she’ll always see it.

A Trip To The Archives

With one week left until it’s safe to ravel beyond the mountains, Anne and the Plantars prepare for their big journey to get her home. To do that, Hop Pop takes the family on a trip to the Wartwood Archives. A trip that Sprig finds horribly dull. So what does he do? He steals the gem that serves as the key and then breaks it by accident, trapping them inside.

After a few failed attempts to get out, Anne gets trapped in the sunroof. Right as the giant cicadas come out to graze. Thinking quickly, Sprig uses the old plumbing to escape and rescues Anne from the bugs. Now free, Sprig admits that he shouldn’t have forced them into danger like that.


You know, I was a little upset about the second part because I thought it would expand the world of Amphibia. The fact that we got to see more of Sprig’s antics, though, made up for it.

If we have learned one thing about Sprig, he’s reckless and impulsive, and that gets him in trouble. Even so, he’s still a well-meaning frog, and part of what makes this show so fun.

The one thing we did learn from this episode, though, is that Anne’s been in Amphibia for almost two months. I doubt she’ll make it out of the valley so soon, though. There are still eight episodes left this season. We’re getting close to the end of the first season though. Can’t wait to see what Anne and Sprig get up to next.

I give “Croak & Punishment” and “A Trip to the Archives” a 3/5

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