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One-Shot Letdown

Sword Art Online: Alicization

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 22 Review/Recap

Karandi, my friend, we have reached the point where Sword Art Online: Abridged could do Alicization better. Instead of an epic boss fight against Chudelkin, we get a Hercule Satan one-shot.



Fueled by the flames of his lust for Quinella, Chudelkin transforms into a fire genie 🧞‍♂️! Kirito responds to this threat by doing what Kirito does: pull stuff out of his butt that defies the rules of VR. In this case, he turns into his Aincrad and one-shots KO’s the clown.

That leads Quinella to realize that Kirito is from the real world, not that she cares. She then brings out her trump card, a massive entity she calls a ‘Sword Golem’. The Golem then one-shots Kirito and Alice, leaving only Eugeo behind. Desperate, Charlotte reveals herself by transforming into a giant spider. The spider sacrifices herself to buy Eugeo time to summon their own trump card: Cardinal herself.

Review of one-shot letdown

This was by far the most disappointing episode of SAO: Alicization. First, the fire genie gets one-shot for the sake of an Easter egg. Then that ugly golem thing one-shot Kirito and Alice. Lame as heck.

Though to be fair, it wasn’t that exciting in the light novel, either. The main thing I remember was seeing Kirito become the Black Swordsman again. That, and Quinella validates my fears. If she got into the real world, she’d probably conquer it for herself. She must be stopped for the good of Earth and Underworld.

I give “Titan of the Sword” a 2/5. Two one-shots, one letdown

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By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t put this up a week ago. I got so distracted by all the other work that I’m doing that I didn’t have the time.

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