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Lighting the Rebellion in Udon

One Piece Win their Trust

One Piece Chapter 947 Review/Recap

Last chapter I said that Luffy was on the verge of conquering Udon Prison. With Queen and the bulk of the guards gone, I thought all the prisoners would rise up in rebellion. This chapter reminded me that it would t be that easy.


Luffy’s been swatting down guards left and right, practicing his Haki on them. To his shock, however, instead of joining the rebellion, the prisoners try to restrain him. They want to get out as much as Luffy does, but it’s not just the prison holding them back. They fought Kaido and Orochi and lost; Lord Yasuie’s death only reinforced their despair. Their spirits are completely broken.

Infuriated, Luffy vows to reignite the fires of rebellion in the prisoners, a sentiment shared by a particular prisoner in a isolated cell. Before the guards can finish him off, Raizo appears and frees him from the rusty cell: one of the Nine Red Sheaths, Yokozuna Kawamatsu the Kappa.

So he’s an actual kappa? Is this a Devil Fruit power?

The time for hiding now over, Kiku and Raizo shed their disguises and let all know that the Nine Red Sheaths have returned. And they will ignite show the prisoners of Udon that Kaido can be beaten.

Three legendary warriors, one world-class doctor, the former head of the Yakuza, and a legendary pirate. This will be good.


I was too naive before, thinking the prisoners would jump at the chance for freedom, for vengeance. I never realized how broken their spirits must be. Kaido and Orochi are a cancer that’s made Wano give up hope for the future. If the rebellion is to succeed, the Alliance must show them that they can win.

There’s only one way the Alliance can do that: by crushing the guards in Udon Prison. Hyogoro, the former boss of the Yakuza; three of the Nine Red Sheaths; and two of the Straw Hat Pirates. It may be a tough fight, but I think our heroes can win this. The rebellion to bring down Kaido begins in Udon Prison.

I Give “Kawamatsu the Kappa Appears” a 4/5

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