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The One With the Grubhog

Amphibia Episode 11 Review/Recap

After the events of the last episode, I was a little upset to go back to the story of the day format. Then I remembered to give Amphibia time to get there. This episode, though, answers an important question: how cute would a grubhog look like?

Grubhog Day

It’s the day of the annual Grubhog day festival, which is Amphibia’s version of Groundhog Day. While Sprig’s eager to go on rides and have fun, Hop Pop taps him to be the one in charge of watching the grubhog. Anne talks him into taking the critter with them as they explore the carnival. That ends badly when the grubhog’s carried away by a giant bird.

Desperate, Anne and Sprig resort to using a hand puppet as a fake grubhog for the ceremony. It works and everyone loves it…until it’s revealed the end of the ceremony involves cutting the grubhog. Sprig admits his guilt in losing the real animal, but Hop Pop’s proud of him anyway. In the end, the town decides to use Anne and Sprig’s puppet show from now on.

Also, that grubhog turns out to be a long and the bird that saved him was one of his subjects. Don’t know if that’s a throwaway gag, but it’s hilarious

Hop Pop and Lock

While selling vegetables from a back alley cart, Hop Pop runs into an old flame, Sylvia Sundew. He then decides to impress her at an upcoming dance, only to realize he doesn’t know how. So he gets Anne to help teach him how to dance.

That night, Hop Pop finds himself facing off against his old rival, Monroe, in a dance fight to impress Sylvia

He’s got that “hold my beer” look.

Despite HP’s best efforts, Monroe easily wins. Against Anne’s advice, HP resorts to free styling, which horrifies the crowd. To everyone’s shock, Sylvia responds with equally bad freestyling. That causes the whole dance to be called off, leaving the two elders and the Plantar family alone to dance the night away.


Well, I don’t really know what I can say about this episode. While I did find Grubhog Day to be funny (especially with the ending joke), this episode didn’t click for me. I know I didn’t like the second segment, though.

Maybe I’m only acting like this because of the excitement from the important episode we had the day before. After something that ends up changing the story big time happens, it’s hard to want to go back to the status quo.

I knew I would find an episode of Amphibia that I wouldn’t like sooner or later. I’m glad that I found it so soon, though. Saves me the trouble later on

I give “Grubhog Day” and “Hop Pop and Lock” a 2/5

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