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Spider-Man: Far From Home Drops a Bombshell

All right, if you are here, then that means that one of two things: you’ve seen Spider-Man: Far From Home, or don’t care about spoilers.

Now that’s that out of the way, I want to look at the what that big mid-credits scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

A Secret Is Out

One of the basic tenets to Spider-Man is that he goes out of his way to keep his civilian identity a secret. He lacks the resources that Iron Man has to keep thugs away. While his many incarnations have done a good job of keeping his identity as Peter Parker a secret, the MCU changed everything.

After Mysterio’s defeat in London, one of his associates escaped with a flash drive. That drive contained edited footage that made it look like the Elementals were real. Worse, it showed Spider-Man murdering Mysterio to get control of Stark’s arsenal.

To top this conga line of lies off, Mysterio revealed Spider-Man’s identity as Peter Parker to the entire world, and J Jonah Jameson’s the one who reported it to the world.

Plus side: JK Simmons came back to play J Jonah Jameson again!

What Happens Now?

The way I see it, there are currently two options for Peter Parker at this point.

First option: he’s going to have to go on the run and live as a fugitive from authorities. He won’t be able to go to school anymore. At the least, Aunt May will need to go into hiding.

Second option, and I hope this will be what ends up happening: Peter uses EDITH. Think about it: EDITH can hack into any computer in the world. She could easily get onto the Internet and erase all traces of Mysterio’s video. Without that, there would be no evidence to back up these claims, and Peter could deny them. It’s not like anyone else has seen him without him mask.

If I know the people from How It Should Have Ended, then I think they’ll end up doing just that.

Everything Changes

No matter how you look at this, this changes everything. More than anyone, Spider-Man has fought to keep his identity a secret. The one time he did reveal it during the Civil War event, it ended in disaster. Now that it’s been revealed in the MCU, Peter’s life will get much harder.

Yet, this could end up being a new opportunity. The MCU looks like it’s going to use Spider-Man as its flagship character going forward. Having his identity know could be an interesting angle to work with. I’d be interested in seeing how that turns out.

For now though, the MCU’s on vacation until 2020. They’ll need to come up with a new overarching story soon if they want to keep people interested. Right now, my money’s on Dr. Doom or Kang the Conquerer.

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