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Plantar Family Fun Time

Amphibia-Rainy Day Chores

Amphibia Episode 8 Review/Recap

Sorry about the delay on this, but I’ve been busy the last few days trying to get caught up on my posts. So far, Amphibia has proven a worthy addition to Disney’s line-up, and I intend to keep writing about it for every episode. In this episode, we place our focus back on how Anne fits in with the Plantar family.



After learning that the Plantar Family is going outside to take care of their crops before a massive storm hits, Anne fakes being sick so she can stay inside and do Anne-stuff. Like this:

When Sprig, Hop Pop, and Polly end up coming getting sick from being in the storm, leaving Anne guilty and doing everything she can to make them better. Their sickness seems to get worse, though, when their bodies start turning red. Its a symptom of an apparently fatal illness and the only cure is a dip in a healing pond.

Anne drags the Plantars up a steep hill and several dangers to get them to the pond, coming close to getting hurt in the process. She gets them there in the end, but the redness doesn’t go away. Think they’re about to die, Anne admits she faked being sick. Fortunately, the Plantar’s aren’t dying: they’re only red from eating a mushroom that Anne put in a soup she gave them. Doesn’t stop the Plantar Family from forgiving Anne, or Anne form blubbering in joy.

Family Shrub

Hop Pop’s trying to get the kids to work on their family shrub (like a family tree), but Sprig and Polly think their ancestors are boring. Anne doesn’t want to get involved because she’s not a Plantar. While Hop Pop goes out to get more glue, the kids find a secret passage that leads underneath the Plantar farm. What they end up seeing in there is both impressive and deadly.

It turns out; the Plantars haven’t always been simple farmers. One of their ancestors was a scientist that created crazy plants and crops; like a mutant, pumpkin creature that Sprig locks up.

Plantar Family Mutant Pumpkin

Another room’s full of weapons and a training course that belonged to a warrior ancestor. Polly has the time of her life with this.

Polly Plantar learns her ancestor was a warrior
So that’s where Polly gets it from.

The last one belonged to a Newt that was an honorary Plantar, like Anne and filled with games and artifacts from across Amphibia.

Each of these rooms’ rigged with traps that almost kill the trio, but they end up overcoming them and getting out. Only now, they have a newfound appreciation for their family.


Given the events that occurred in the last episode, I was hoping to see more updates to the big mystery behind the Calamity Box. That looks like it will have to wait for another day, though, as the show seems focused on world-building. As dull as that can get at times, I don’t mind too much. After the show comes to an end in the future, we’ll learn to appreciate episodes like this.

After seeing the Plantar Family history, I think there may be more to them than we realize. Hop Pop knew what the Calamity Box was, after all. Maybe they have some big, Pines Family-like secret to them that Hop Pop’s keeping hidden. Either way, I look forward to learning more as the season progresses.

Also, I think that movie “Ab-Snatchers II” would make Star Butterfly scream in horror. You know, since she has a thing for abs.

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