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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 29

My Favorite Comic Book Series

After 29 days, we’ve finally arrived at this moment. I haven’t read as much of Marvel Comics as I want to; I chalk the rest of my knowledge from encyclopedias and guides. Still, there’s one comic book series that I recommend you read above all others in the world. This is my favorite comic book series.

Uncanny X-Men, Chris Claremont Run

Favorite Comic Book Series

If you’re a fan of the X-Men, then there are several reasons why this series is the holy grail for X-Fans. The series did start in the 1960s with the original X-Men, but after failing to gain traction, Marvel pulled the plug on it in 1970. The X-men would have stuck in cameo hell if it wasn’t for Chris Claremont.

Chris Claremont, the man who made the X-Men what they are today.
The man who helped make the X-Men as we know them.

From 1975 to 1991, Chris Claremont was the lead writer for the X-Men, and he turned them from a second-rate team into Marvel’s flagship title. He co-created characters that would become mainstays in X-Men lore like Kitty Pryde, the Phoenix Force, Rogue, Gambit, and more. He gave us “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and “Days of Future Past.” He helped make Wolverine into the fan-favorite he is today!

If you haven’t read through Chris Claremont’s run of the Uncanny X-Men, then please, for the love of all that is holy, read it. It has some of the best stories Marvel’s made. By the time you’re done reading The Dark Phoenix Saga, you will understand why fans hate the films for messing it up.

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  1. Been reading comics off and on for years, but the two I remember really enjoying are The Incredible Hercules (Greg Pak) and Astonishing X-Men (Joss Whedon). Especially Astonishing. Pairing the Joss’s writing with John Cassaday’s art is amazing. Nothing I’ve read from Marvel comes close.

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