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Luffy is Ready to Rumble

One Piece Chapter 947 Review/Recap

Straw Hat Luffy’s luck never ceases to amaze me. In the last chapter of One Piece, Luffy was able to free Hyogoro and himself from their collars while Big Mom ran wild. Unfortunately, eating all the Oshiruko earned him the wrath of the amnesiac Big Mom. It’s time to see the results of Luffy’s training in Straw Hat vs. Big Mom, Round 2!


Luffy remembers what Rayleigh did at Sabaody.

Luffy figures out that what he did to their collars is the same thing Rayleigh did when they rescued Camie back in Sabaody. With everything that happened, though, he doesn’t know he did it.

Despite Hyogoro thinking he can take the Yonko, she’s still too much for them. The old man tells Luffy that he’s already mastered the Haki technique without knowing it. By letting his Haki enter something else, he can destroy them from the inside; that’s how he got their collars off.

The clash between the two pirates spreads throughout Udon Prison, with Big Mom destroying every the door to every area. Desperate, Queen and the Beast Pirates lure Big Mom in with a jar of Oshiruko. Queen then headbutts her from above, but to his horror, all it does it bring her memories back; then fall asleep.

Queen hits Big Mom on the head, causing her to regain her memories.

Queen has his men throw every sea stone handcuff and chain on her, pump her full of tranquilizers, then takes the bulk of the guards to deliver her to Kaido. Udon goes into lockdown, with minimal guards, no communication with Wano, and Luffy now free and at full strength.

Big Mom's sent to Kaido

We know where this is going ūüôā


Remember how I said Kaido should have killed Luffy when he had the chance? This is why. Big Mom’s left Udon’s defenses in ruins, and now Queen’s taken most of the guards with him to deliver the Yonko to Kaido. He was terrified, though, that he forgot that Luffy’s now free to run wild. In a prison with tens of thousands of people who hate Kaido and Orochi, minimal guards, and no way to contact the outside world. In short, he goofed up.

I know I’ve been saying this for the last several posts, but now it’s happening: Impel Down Breakout, Part 2 is here, and it’s going to be awesome.

Luffy’s Prison Break is Coming!

I am concerned about Big Mom now that her memory’s returned. For now, though, she’s removed herself from the equation. Better still, she’s now Kaido’s problem. He’ll have to divert a good part of his forces to keep her prisoner, and even then, I have no doubt she’ll get free. Knowing Oda, it will happen right before or during the night of the rebellion.

After being virtually put on the bus for the entirety of Act 2 of the Wano Arc, next chapter will see Luffy show off his new strength in full. I estimate that Udon Prison, and it’s army of prisoners, will be his by nightfall. I better make some popcorn in advance!

Luffy's ready to rumble!

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