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Star vs. The Forces of Evil Fanfic Week Pt. 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to my week of Star vs The Forces of Evil Fanfiction. After getting inspired by the SvTFOE event on Tumblr, I decided to do a week of talking the best fan works from the Star vs fan base. Unfortunately, I started too late last week, so I’m starting this week. We’re starting off with a crossover story of epic proportions, Starfall.

Warning: The following story does contain explicit content. All characters involved are above the age of 18. You have been warned.


Written by: GolfAlphaMike

Type of Fanwork: Crossover with Gravity Falls

First Published: 11/4/2015

Status: Complete


It’s been four years since Star began living on Earth with Marco, and the two are about to graduate high school. Years of adventures have given them an unbreakable bond, as best friends, and as lovers. Just as the two prepare for their future together, though, things change for Star. Her mother doesn’t have long to live, forcing Star to assume the throne soon than anyone planned. According to the laws of her world, she must take a husband, but when she tries to summon Marco, something terrible happens. Earth’s sealed off from the Multiverse; Star and Marco are literally worlds apart.

On Earth, all memory or trace of Star’s been erased, with only Marco able to remember her. While everyone he knows thinks he’s crazy, the boy knows that none of it was a lie. Thus, Marco Diaz sets off on a quest that will take him from a familiar town in Oregon and beyond to reunite with Star. Little do either know that there are dark forces at work and a centuries-old conspiracy that covets Star’s magical bloodline, and will stop at nothing to keep the two apart.


I will be blunt: I think Starfall’s one of the best pieces of fan literature that I’ve ever read. I daresay it, but it’s good enough to publish into a book. It’s an epic romance novel that spans years of the characters lives as they live, grow, and fight. I can tell that GolfAlphaMike put his heart and soul into this work because it shows from the first chapter. It grabs hold of you and refuses to let go until the very end. The fact that GolfAlphaMike started writing Starfall in 2015, with only the first season to go on, makes it even more impressive.

Star and Marco’s Relationship

Considering that the author only had one season to go off of, it’s impressive that he was able to correctly guess that Star and Marco end up together in the end. He also wasn’t that far off when it comes to their character development, either. Star becomes more responsible than when we first met her, but she’s still the same fun-loving girl. Marco’s learned to be more of a risk-taker, but is cautious enough to avoid being reckless. Above all, the bond between them is the main focus of the story. No matter how big it may get, it always comes back to them.

The Crossover

Like I said in the description, Starfall’s a story that combines Star vs. The Forces of Evil with Gravity Falls. Since the latter show had ended by the time this was written, it had more to work with. The cast of Gravity Falls comes in at the right moments, but they never steal the spotlight from Star and Marco. They play a big role in helping Marco get to Mewni, and their personalities are the same as when we left them in 2016. The main difference is that eight years have passed since Weirdmageddon, so Dipper and Mabel are adults now. Otherwise, they’re the same.

The Characters

Being a fanfiction, Starfall has a mixture of both canon and original characters. Most of the casts from both shows plays a secondary role, helping Star and Marco on their journeys, but that’s about it. The only other canon character who plays a big role is Tom, who, ironically, mellowed out as much as he did in the show. The difference here is that its because he fell in love with another girl, an original character named Marina. So he no longer sees Star as anything more than a friend, yet he’s being forced to marry her by somone else.

That someone is Tom’s mother, who in this story is called Empress Ishtar, not Wrathmelior. Unlike Tom’s mother in the show, who genuinely cares about her son and his happiness, Ishtar barely does. In Starfall, she uses any means to keep Star and Marco apart, from blackmail and political red tape to outright attempting to murder Marco. She’s a good antagonist, and her motivations are very dark. Think Cersei Lannister; only she’s smart.

Original Concepts

Since Starfall’s written in the gap between the first and second seasons, a lot of elements from the show don’t exist in this. There’s no Eclipsa and Globgor, no Magic High Commission, among other things. GolfAlphaMike more than makes up for it, though, by coming up with some great original concepts. I don’t want to spoil them, but if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll recognize them. Golf’s acknowledged that they directly contradict the show, yet the concepts are interesting enough that I give them a pass.

Very Good Read

So this fanfic doesn’t follow the show that well, but to be fair, it was written when the show had only one season under its belt. The fact that the writer’s ability to create a great story from that one season is an impressive feat. Making it enjoyable enough that you can’t stop reading it, though, is a sign that this is worth your time. It does contain explicit moments of “adult things,” but all the characters involved have reached adulthood by that point.

I know fanworks aren’t for everyone; I’m still not that into that, honestly. I made an exception for Star because I’ve seen how passionate the fanbase can be about the show, and it hasn’t let me down. Its works like Starfall that give me hope that the fandom will keep the show alive for years to come. If you like SvTFOE and don’t want to say goodbye, then this is for you.

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