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Marvel 30-Day Challenge, Day 26

Favorite Elementalist

When you have a character roster that counts gods, aliens, sorcerers, and meta-humans in its cast, being able to wield the forces of nature seems ordinary. Marvel has its fair share of heroes, villains, and entities capable of control the elements, some better than others. There’s one being, though, that stands out above the rest as my favorite elementalist of them all.

Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm

Favorite Elementalist, Storm of the X-Men

I couldn’t think of anyone else to take the top spot other than the X-Men’s resident Weather Woman, Storm. Born to the princess of a tribe in Kenya and an American photographer, Ororo Munroe’s one of the strongest Mutants in Marvel. She can use her powers to manipulate every aspect of the weather to create any phenomenon imaginable. She’s conjured up thunderstorms and tornadoes, create hurricanes, and can even manage cosmic weather. Thank goodness she’s not a villain. If she were, she would be feared throughout the cosmos.

Despite being one of the leaders of the X-Men, she does have a past as a thief. After her parents die, she began pick-pocketing to survive. Other than that, she was a right person. When Professor Xavier found her, she was known as a rain goddess in her region of Africa, using her power to bring life to the people of Africa. Since joining the X-men, she’s been one of its best leaders. Even when she temporarily lost her powers, she was kind enough to stay the leader of the team. It’s impressive when you think about it.

Storm Is Awesome

I may not pay too much attention to Storm outside of the X-Men, but I understand how important she is. She’s not only a famous example of an African superhero, but she’s also the first African woman to be a superhero. In short, she’s a big deal to Marvel, and they know it. She’s my favorite elementalist.

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